TERRORISM: Biden Admin Loosens Entry Restrictions On Would-be Migrants With Terror Ties

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2022

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If Biden promised to be the President of ‘All Americans’, in what way *precisely* is making the country more welcoming to terrorists in the best interest of Americans?

Remember Obama’s teary-eyed speech ‘if it saves just one life’? Well, the Democrats have changed a lot since then.

Saving lives just isn’t much of a priority anymore. Not unless that argument can be used as a pretext for shredding parts of the Constitution they really don’t like. Covid lockdowns. Jab mandates. Second Amendment. Those sorts of things.

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Or the fact that over 3 million people swarming over the border in the last year has prompted some border districts to declare a state of emergency related to an ‘invasion’ isn’t bad enough…

Now we’re going out of our way to make it easier for terrorists to qualify to enter America, too?

Last week, the State and Homeland Security departments announced they had altered the Immigration and Nationality Act, a federal law, to grant entry into the U.S. and other “immigration benefits” to those who provided “limited” or “insignificant” material support to designated terrorist organizations.

Examples of such support include “routine commercial transactions,” “humanitarian assistance,” “substantial pressure that does not rise to the level of duress,” and “the satisfaction of certain well-established or verifiable family, social, or cultural obligations.”

The amended language, detailed in a notice to the Federal Register, creates a carveout so immigration restrictions, including an entry ban into the country, no longer apply to these individuals provided they show they “pose no danger to the safety and security of the United States.” —JustTheNews

Maybe we’re missing something here, but aren’t people whose interests are aligned with terrorists PRECISELY the kind of people we want to keep OUT of the country?

This is especially tough to swallow coming from the very same administration that recently tried to use government agencies to label parents showing up at Schoool Board meetings as ‘domestic terrorists.

If Trump summed up his policies with the description ‘America First’, then Biden is giving us a real good look at what America Last looks like.

First he armed the Taliban on his way out of Afghanistan. Now he’s letting them waltz right in.

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