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The Pope Weighs In On Biden’s Aggressive Support Of Abortion

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The chasm between the left’s view of abortion and that of the church, especially the Catholic Church has never been greater. Straddling the two just isn’t a workable option.

Biden of 2022 has rejected the views of younger Biden and has pushed his chips in on the side of abortion.

The Pope had different ideas about it. He’s not moving from the Church’s long-held position on it, and uses a very strong metaphor to get his point across, that of a hit man.

Speaking with Univision in an extensive interview, Pope Francis questioned the morality of abortion and stated his position on the issue is “nonnegotiable.”
“Is it fair to take a human life to solve a problem? Whatever it is? Is it fair to hire a hit man to eliminate a human life?” Francis questioned.
Responding directly to the pro-abortion views of Catholics, Francis cautioned that clergy should not become overly involved in politics, but said Catholics who support abortion, like Biden, are holding an “incoherencia,” an inconsistent and contradictory view.
“I leave it to [President Biden’s] conscience and that he speaks to his bishop, his pastor, his parish priest about that incoherencia,” Francis said of Biden.

Biden, Pelosi, and the rest of the Secular Democrats are leading the charge in the fight to advance the abortion issue. The Pope and the Church are holding the line. On the issue of life, there really IS no middle ground.

You need look no further than this story to see how the abortion side isn’t motivated by ‘choice’ so much as by the affirmative support of abortion itself. Even once babies are born in a failed abortion attempt — when the mother’s body no longer plays a role in any decision-making — babies are STILL being left to die because they are not afforded the dignity of other human life.

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