UK’s Gender Clinic For Children Set To Close Over Safety Concerns — Here’s The 411

Written by K. Walker on July 28, 2022

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The United Kingdom’s National Health Service will close the lone gender care clinic in favor of regional centers connected to GPs and mental health services in order to “ensure the holistic needs” of patients.

“The NHS is shutting down its gender identity clinic for children after a review found that it failed vulnerable under-18s” states The Times U.K.

The article later added that “Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic has been accused of rushing children into life-altering treatment on puberty blockers.”

The BBC article states that the changes are coming after an independent review of the clinic by Dr. Hilary Cass that is still ongoing.

The changes will take place after an independent review, led by Dr Hilary Cass, said the Tavistock clinic needed to be transformed.
She said the current model of care was leaving young people “at considerable risk” of poor mental health and distress, and having one clinic was not “a safe or viable long-term option”.
The new centres – one based in London and the other in the north west of England – should be fully open in spring 2023 and would run in conjunction with leading children’s hospitals, including Great Ormond Street and Alder Hey.
They will aim to help support young people under the age of 18 who are struggling with their gender identity, and be linked to mental health care and GP services where relevant.
Source: BBC (Emphasis added)

In recent years, there was a dramatic shift in the number and type of patients that the clinic was seeing. Referrals jumped 20 times what it was a decade ago with over 5,000 referrals in 2021.

Dr. Cass’s interim report said that “there was a lack of understanding about why” more female-to-male and autistic children were showing up as patients.

The interim report also highlighted a number of other problems occurring at Tavistock:

  • There was inconclusive evidence to back some of the clinical decision-making
  • The service was struggling to deal with spiraling waiting lists due to increased referrals
  • It was not keeping “routine and consistent” data on its patients
  • Health staff feel under pressure to adopt an “unquestioning affirmative approach”
  • Once patients are identified as having gender-related distress, other healthcare issues they had, such as being neurodivergent, “can sometimes be overlooked”

One very high-profile case of a patient that felt rushed into transition is that of Keira Bell who was referred to Tavistock when she was in her mid-teens.

Bell says that after a “series of superficial conversations with social workers” when she was 16, she was put on puberty blockers. She began taking cross-sex hormones a year later and at age 20, had a double mastectomy. 5 years after beginning her transition, Bell de-transitioned and sued Tavistock for the rapid “affirmative care” that has caused lasting damage to her body. She says that she should have been challenged on her reasons for transition which would have exposed some underlying issues. You can read her story in her own words here.

The BBC article then says that puberty blockers “can put a pause on puberty” while the patient considers their gender identity. This is irresponsible reporting by the BBC.

A new study shows that puberty blockers — one of which is used as a chemical castration drug — isn’t as safe as the “experts” say, nor is it reversible in all cases.

Even some of the top doctors that agree with the gender-affirming model are not convinced that early medical intervention to halt puberty is a good idea.

This was reported on Bari Weiss’s Substack in a guest article by Abigail Shrier, author of “Irreversible Damage” which explains the social contagion phenomenon of gender dysphoria that his happening with teen girls.

The BBC article also quoted Stonewall, an LGBT organization in the U.K. praising the decision because it will “go some way to addressing the strain experienced by having just a single, centralised service.”

Recently, Stonewall made headlines for an absurd tweet insisting that children as young as 2 can recognize that they are transgender and pushing for nurseries to acknowledge that.

To be fair to the British state broadcaster, the article also quoted Keira Bell who said, “”Many children will be saved from going down the path that I went down.”

In Ms Bell’s case, the High Court ruled under-16s lacked capacity to give informed consent to the treatment. This was later overturned by the Court of Appeal which ruled doctors could judge if under-16s could give informed consent to puberty blocker use.
Ms Bell told BBC Radio 4 World at One: “I went through a lot of distress as a teenager. Really I just needed some mental health support and therapy from everything that I’ve been through. There needs to be mental health support first and foremost.”
Dr David Bell – not related to Keira Bell – is a former consultant psychiatrist at the Tavistock NHS Foundation Trust where he raised concerns, and said it was a “good thing” the service was closing down.
Proper funding was needed for mental health services for children and adolescents, he said.
He told the BBC: “Some children have got the double problem of living with the wrong treatment and the original problems weren’t addressed, with complex problems like trauma, depression, large instances of autism.”
Source: BBC (Emphasis added)

Gee, do you think maybe addressing any underlying mental health issues and the reasons why autistic kids are struggling wth gender dysphoria is a better solution before you start sterilizing and castrating minors en masse?

In the attempt to “destigmatize” mental illness and normalize extreme gender theory with scant data, the medical establishment has done incredible amounts of harm and caused irreversible damage to vulnerable children. Time will tell just how many lives have been damaged like Keira Bell’s.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is adamant about trans-ing the kids because they think it’s a political win.

Maybe they should think a bit harder about the cost of that…

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