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HERO DAD: Daughter’s Ex Tries To Break Down Door … That Was A MISTAKE (VIDEO)

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When it was all over, his daughter said, ‘you saved my life.’

It all happened a year and a half after the breakup. She had left a voicemail message the night before. The next day, he showed up at her home, unannounced.

On July 31st, 22yo James Rayl showed up at the door of the Duckro family in Sydney Ohio.

His ex did not open the door when he rang the doorbell. Most people would take the hint and go away. But whatever the reason, Rayl wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Their doorbell camera caught the entire incident.

He opened the outer door and tried opening the main door. It had been deadbolted.

He ignored the locked door and tried to force his way inside anyway. Dad can be heard on the video warning that he has a gun. But James kept coming.

The deadbolt broke under the battering and the door opened a couple of inches. Dad defended his home with three shots fired through the door at the intruder.

Those three shots proved fatal.

Later, a grand jury voted 8-1 that no criminal charges should be pressed against the dad who defended his home from an intruder, as Ohio’s stand your ground laws allow.

But on the 911 call obtained by WHIOTV 7 News, Allyson Duckro can be heard praising her father.
‘Dad, there’s nothing you could have done, you saved my life,’ she says.
She had broken it off with Rayl a year and a half before his fatal house call, but had called an left a voicemail the night before.
The video footage, the 911 call, the voicemail and other evidence was presented to a Shelby County grand jury, which voted 8 to 1 not to indict Mitchell Duckro based on Ohio’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Castel Doctrine’ laws that allows homeowners to use lethal force when threatened.
— DailyMail

Many dads joke about needing to buy a gun when they find out they’re having a daughter.

This dad reminded us all why that can be an entirely practical safety decision.

Threatening a man’s daughter is always a bad idea.

But busting into the home of an armed man to do it? That’s next-level stupid.

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