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If Iran Put Hits Out On Pompeo & Bolton … Why Is Biden Still Negotiating With Them?

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If Biden publicly wrote off Saudi Arabia as a ‘Pariah State’ over the death of a journalist, what would it take for him to kick Iran to the curb?

The DOJ pressed charges against an Iranian operative accused of organizing a plot to assassinate Pompeo and Bolton.

Initally, reports were that the Iranian plot was targeting Bolton and one other unspecified person. That other person is now being identified as Mike Pompeo.

The Justice Department on Wednesday announced charges against an Iranian operative for an alleged plot to assassinate former Trump administration national security adviser John Bolton.
“While much cannot be said publicly right now, one point is indisputable: Iran’s rulers are liars, terrorists and enemies of the United States,” Bolton said in a statement after the DOJ announcement.
Shahram Poursafi, a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is wanted by the FBI for the plot to kill Bolton, which U.S. officials said was likely planned in retaliation for the January 2020 strike that killed Qassem Soleimani, a revered Iranian leader and the head of Iran’s Quds Force.
…”Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, through the Defendant, tried to hatch a brazen plot: assassinate a former U.S. official on U.S. soil in retaliation for U.S. actions,” said U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves for the District of Columbia in the press release. “Iran and other hostile governments should understand that the U.S. Attorney’s Office and our law enforcement partners will do everything in our power to thwart their violent plots and bring those responsible to justice.”
— FoxNews

We know the motive behind the attacks, too. Iran was trying to even the score after Trump gave terror sponsor Solemani a foretaste of hell in his final moments here on Terra Firma with that drone strike.

Here’s the question.

Iran is the same regime that gathers its country publicly for ‘Death To America, Death To Israel’ chants on a national holiday has been putting out hits on American citizens and officials, has had a foiled bomb plot in DC during the Obama years, and has been exposed for cheating on the nuclear restrictions set in place on the LAST nuclear deal.

So WHY in the name of all that is holy would we EVER expect them to negotiate with us in good faith?

Joe Biden has harsher language for half of America’s citizens than he has ever had for Iran.

Iran’s neighbors have come to recognize them as a threat so grave, that many of them have put aside longstanding regional or religious grievances with one another in united opposition to the threat posed by Iran.

But Joe has picked up where Obama left off.

He is acting like the abused girlfriend who thinks she can change him because he loves me.

No. She can’t. And neither can you.

Naivety is one possible explanation for why the left is going all-in with Iran. The other is corruption. Neither of these explanations is acceptable.

But now Bolton gets to see the real-world results of him sticking the knife in Trump’s back over their policy differences. Joe Biden is now BFFs with the same people trying to put a bullet in Bolton’s brain.

Are you having any buyer’s remorse yet, Mr. Moustache?

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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