In A World That Hates Both, Jordan Peterson Has A Message For Young Men & The Church (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 1, 2022

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It’s hard to know for sure which the Progressive Left holds in greater contempt — young men or the Christian Church. In an environment like ours, Dr. Peterson has a message for both of them.

To hear our critics tell the story, we live in a horrible world in which all of our relationships are tainted by toxic masculinity and a power dynamic of the powerful exploiting the powerless. More than that, the very fact of our existence means we are destroying our planet and pose an existential threat to ourselves, and both of these problems are can be traced back to natural masculine ambition.

In a world that is hostile to young men, they need somewhere to turn and be welcomed. The Church needs to be that place.

But that doesn’t mean that they will remain the same. Sure, the timeless wisdom and truth at the heart of what makes the Christian message eternal will endure, but any new group being added to an existing group will leave their fingerprint on what they touch.

This is a GOOD thing.

Jesus began with a dozen or so young men on whom He placed an enormous burden of responsibility.

Jordan Peterson is not calling on the church to coddle young men, tickle their ears and entertain them.

No, this teacher — who has a well-documented history of drawing the interest and attention of young men is sharing his ‘secret’ with the Christian Church.

He calls them to do something far more worthwhile than be ‘entertained’.

He calls them to find the heaviest burden of responsibility they can handle and pick it up. Simply put, he calls on men to live as men.

The church should give a similar invitation. See for yourself.

Sounds more than a little like Jesus’s Fishers Of Men invitation, doesn’t it?

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