NUMBERS DON’T LIE: Devastating Impact Of Defund Police Policy On AOC’s Own District

Written by Wes Walker on August 8, 2022

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While AOC does her political performance art projects pretending to be handcuffed by DC police and wondering why her hecklers don’t get arrested, her own District is suffering from skyrocketing crime.

The same young woman who plays the victim card at every opportunity and claimed to be traumatized by people who supposedly wanted to rape her on Jan 6. (She was far from the commotion and those ‘scary people’ she defamed were actually officers providing security on Capitol Hill.

The so-called ‘Squad’, whose opposition to community policing stands in stark contrast to the massive price tag of their own private security details, are already seeing their noxious policies bear fruit. Everyone except the devotees on the left had predicted precisely this result.

What is it that we are seeing as a result?

Unchecked open hostility (including acts of violence) to the police, massive pay cuts, cashless bail, and soft-on-crime prosecution have worked together to accomplish two results: chase law enforcement out of New York, and send crime rates soaring.

There have been 2,465 NYPD officers leaving this year to date, a 42% increase from the 1,731 that left by August last year, pension fund data shows.
More alarmingly, those leaving before reaching full pension at 20 years is up 71% (1,098) from this time last year (just 641).

Making matters worse, the influx of new recruits is nowhere near enough to offset those losses.

So now that AOC and her activist provocateurs have succeeded in their attempts to both discredit and defund the police in New York City, how has life changed for people in the city she hails from?

Fox New’s Paul Mauro dug into the crime numbers in the specific precincts within AOC’s own district, and the year-over-year changes for the same week (July 24-29) in each of 3 successive years weren’t pretty.

Major crimes are up 44% over 2021, and 57% over the year before that.

Other categories echo the same trend. Shooting victims went from 64 to 86, to 90. The numbers look even more catastrophic when compared against the backdrop of pre-Covid numbers of 2019 in which America had not yet learned the name George Floyd. From then until now, major crime is up 57%.

That’s just a comparison of a one-week sample size over consecutive years. When he zooms out to take in the total crime numbers projected to the end of this year from the day she was first sworn in in January of 2019, total crime numbers are projected to be up more than 50%.

With fewer cops on the beat and no immediate sign of changes on the enforcement side, we can only expect these trendlines to continue.

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