Priest Gives Heartfelt Apology For His Vital Leadership Failure During COVID (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2022

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Even the Apostle Peter had moments of failure in leadership. The key question for a leader is, how do you recover when you stumble?

To clarify, when we’re talking about moral failings, we’re not talking about doing cocaine off a hooker’s bared midriff here, or selling off off the consecrated wine to cover a gambling habit.

We’re talking about the kind of leadership failing when you are called up to be the voice that speaks up when nobody else will, and takes a stand that nobody else has the guts to take.

The Apostle Peter was called out by the Apostle Paul over his leadership failure of treating expectations of keeping Kosher differently depending on whether observant Jews were around or not, which reminds us that nobody is above making that kind of mistake in how he leads God’s people.

One priest reflected on how the Church handled COVID-19 and realized there was an important way he had personally failed to lead his church well during the pandemic.

The priest we speak of is Fr. Sergio Fita, and he gave his apology on Thursday during Holy Week. His parish meets at St. Anne’s in Gilbert, Arizona

Unlike most people in positions of authority rather than sweep it under the rug, he faced his congregation and owned it.

What was that failure? In short, he, as a leader, failed to be there when the church needed him most… during the shutdown.

He puts his emphasis on the sacrament of communion itself, but what he describes extends more generally to our obedience to God’s command for His church to gather together in worship.

He failed to set the example by putting Christ’s call above the civil magistrates’ dictates. He has publicly repented for that decision and has declared he will never do so again.

That’s what humility looks like. Kudos to him for putting his marker down for any future call to close down the Church.

We’ve got a faithful priest who’s publicly repented and vowed ‘Never Again’.

Sure would be nice to see some Evangelicals join their voices to his in a similar vow.

Have we got some out there willing to own the mistakes of the last couple years and step up?

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