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RIP ‘Reliable Sources’: Here Are Some Favorite Memories Of Stelter Beclowning Himself

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The Potato did such a thorough and incessant job of beclowning himself that it’s really hard to narrow down a list. Here are a few that jumped out from the archives.

Since Brian Stelter (can you believe he’s only 36?) has finally been kicked to the curb by CNN, we soon won’t have his ridiculousness to pick on anymore. He worked so hard to destroy the livelihood of Alex Jones after that meme war but the poor guy doesn’t even get time to gloat over the suffering he helped create before being out of work himself.

After providing such an easy target to mock for so long, we’re almost sorry to see Stelter go.

Here’s a quick walk through memory lane reminding us exactly what role Stelter played in driving CNN’s credibility (and therefore, ratings) straight into the sewer.

You will see a recurring theme here of Stelter getting repeatedly pantsed by the very people he’s been trying to ‘own’.

Let’s begin with Joe Rogan crowing over the failure of that streaming service that failed harder than Avenatti’s would-be Presidential run (#BASTA):

HILARIOUS: Joe Rogan Mocks Brian Stelter And Dismal Failure Of CNN+ (VIDEO)

This is the failure he was mocking:

LMAO: CNN+ Streaming Service SHUT DOWN Just 3 Weeks After Launch
Or when Bari Weiss went onto his show (it was called Reliable Sources, remember) and schooled him on exactly how his own network is actively involved in the very kind of censorship she describes.

WATCH: Former NYTimes Editor Bari Weiss Blasts CNN On Brian Stelter’s Show And It’s FANTASTIC

Even better than that was the time he sat on the panel of a Disinformation conference and was asked a very straightforward question by a college freshman.

WATCH: Brian Stelter OWNED By College Freshmen Listing Examples Of CNN Peddling Disinfo

Even some of the guests he expects a friendly interaction with on account of being on the same team, politically, haven’t turned out quite the way he expected. Remember the biography by that Wolfe guy? After writing a book ripping on Trump, he’s a safe guest right?

Nope. He gave the Potato a public horse-whipping on his personal moral failings — calling him sanctimonious — while explicitly saying it’s Stelter’s fault that the public can’t stand the media.

HILARIOUS: Brian Stelter Beclowned By Guest On His Own Show (VIDEO)

It wasn’t just Wolfe delivering that news, either. Batya Ungar-Sargon, Deputy opinion editor at Newsweek, said something similar.

WATCH: Stelter Stunned Into Silence As Guest Melts Mendacious Media

But harsher than any of these would be the very spicy name former Adult film star Jenna Jameson called him:

LMAO: Jenna Jameson Gives CNN’s Brian Stelter A Nickname He’ll Hate!

In somewhat related news:

EPIC: Mark Levin Kicks CNN’s Brian Stelter In The MANGINA Over Wiretap Coverup

Do you remember that time Melania had limited her public appearances because she had been unwell and Stelter started cooking up conspiracy theories about it?

CNN’s Brian Stelter Is Obsessed With Melania’s ‘Disappearance’ Even Though She Hasn’t Disappeared

Remember the Nick Sandmann debacle? Here’s Nick getting the last word.

CNN’s Stelter Outraged Over Gov. DeSantis Calling Out Media Lies Gets ROASTED With One-Word Tweet From Nick Sandmann

But there’s a really good reason they’re such partisan hacks. Let’s hear them explain it…

WTF: Stelter’s Flunkies At CNN Justify Open Partisanship … Badly (VIDEO)

He just can’t help himself.

CNN Blasted President Trump For Peddling ‘False Hope’ But Praised Gov. Cuomo For Saying The SAME THING

Project Veritas brought the receipts for what we all instincively knew the whole time…

Project Veritas Proved CNN Is Openly Hostile To Democracy… What’s Next For CNN?

We do not have a story for you of the Potato on camera in his boxers.

(You’re welcome.)

Last word goes to Trump. After all, Brian and his other flunkies have proven they simply cannot live without the 45th President.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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