UVALDE: State Police Sued Over Withholding Public Records, Bodycam

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2022

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From the very beginning in the Uvalde massacre, questions were raised, and answers were not forthcoming.

The people whose job it is to hold our officials to account were stonewalled on every side while America — the grieving families in particular — were desperate for answers.

The more information began to filter out, the more we realized that things inside that school had gone horribly, horribly wrong — not just in the killing itself, but in the badly botched police response to it.

When answers weren’t forthcoming from the authorites, the news agencies went to court.

More than a dozen news organizations filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department of Public Safety on Monday, accusing the agency of unlawfully withholding public records related to the May school shooting in Uvalde.
…“In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, and continuing throughout the ensuing two months, DPS has declined to provide any meaningful information in response to the Requests regarding the events of that day — despite the awful reality that some 376 members of law enforcement responded to the tragedy, and hundreds of those were in the school or on school property not going into the unlocked classroom where the gunman continued killing helpless youth,” the lawsuit states.
…Under Texas law, records are presumed public unless a government body cites a specific exemption that allows information to be withheld under the state’s public information act.
DPS has said that releasing records could interfere with an ongoing investigation. The news organizations argue that there is no such investigation, given that the guilt of the gunman is not in dispute and authorities say the 18-year-old acted alone. The local prosecutor, Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee, has acknowledged that she is not conducting a criminal investigation.

It’s long past time we all had the answers we deserve.

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