WATCH: Paul Pelosi DUI Video Is Hilarious … When Paired With Nancy’s Sanctimony

Written by Wes Walker on August 24, 2022

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Now that Paul Pelosi has pled guilty to his drunk driving charges, getting off with a very generous slap on the wrist, part of the dashcam vid has been made public.

Paul Pelosi was standing beside the cop car for a sobriety test. It did NOT go very well…


Good thinking kid, you do NOT want THIS one falling over and hurting himself. Who knows what kind of vindictive consequence they’d cook up for you?

Here’s the whole 18 minutes of damning dashcam. The balance test exchange, referenced above, begins sometime before the 8-minute mark. The first offer of the breathalyzer was given at about the 5-minute mark.

The second (voluntary) brethalyzer test was offered at the 12-minute mark when the officer concluded that alcohol was involved… and he refused to take it.

If there’s one thing Americans (especially Republicans) have learned over the last few years, it’s that Nancy has one hell of a vindictive streak.

Speaking of Nancy, that trip to Taiwan didn’t help take attention away from their family. If anything, it encouraged Jesse Watters to shine even more light on their family’s shady dealings… including their son.

Nobody is above the law, eh Nancy?

Do you really think your position as third-in-line for the Presidency and your husband’s fat bank account and philanthropy had nothing to do with the slap on the wrist he was let off with?

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