WATCH: Rep Clay Higgins Brings The Thunder In Blasting Gun Grabbers’ Logic

Written by Wes Walker on August 16, 2022

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Rep Higgins was not going to let the left’s gun-grabber narrative go forward uncontested.

We’re a little late to the party in getting his clip out since we’re only now hearing about it, but what he says in this clip is bigger than one conversation. It takes us out to the 30,000 foot perspective and shows us exactly what’s wrong with the logic of gun-grabbers.

The red flag laws being proposed suggest that any anonymous tip can be enough to trigger the forcible confiscation of a citizen’s firearm. (Naturally, law enforcement, not law-makers, will be the ones obligated to face the dangers associated with any such confiscations.)

Rep Higgins takes direct aim at two of the main objections Democrats raise against 2A rights — the proliferation of guns and mental health.

He takes us back to a time when there were a lot of VERY capable gun-owners who had VERY deep mental health issues… pointing to the generation who came home from WWII.

Guns were omnipresent and freely available. They wouldn’t even have serial numbers for another decade or two. Almost every truck had a gun in the rack and one under the seat.

And what was NOT omnipresent? Locks on houses.

Something changed between then and now, but our narrow focus on PTSD and gun availability has us missing the forest for the trees.

If we all take another look at this issue through the reframing Higgings has provided, maybe we can stop chasing our tails and see something important we’ve been missing.

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