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BIDEN’S BROKEN BORDER: Democrat-led El Paso Has Been Busing Migrants To NYC — And They’re Ramping It Up

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Are the Democrats in El Paso also playing politics with migrants?

That’s what we’ve been hearing from the Democrat Mayors of New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is “playing politics” with migrants by sending them by bus to self-proclaimed “Sanctuary Cities” as the border crisis continues.

It seems that Governor Abbott isn’t the only one sending busloads of migrants to NYC — the city of El Paso, Texas, under the leadership of Mayor Oscar Leeser, a Democrat, is sending their own buses filled with migrants to the Big Apple.

This comes as migrants continue to flood into Texas unabated. By the end of this month, the number of illegal crossings is expected to surpass 2 million in one year for the first time ever.

On Monday, Bill Melugin of Fox News shared images of a large group of migrants crossing the border illegally at Eagle Pass, Texas.

But it isn’t just there. Western Texas border towns like El Paso are being “overrun” according to Melugin.

The majority of migrants arriving in the area are males mostly from Venezuela, arriving at a rate of around 1,000 a day on average.

El Paso’s migrant processing facility is three times over capacity and the shelters in the city are full. It’s so bad that they’re just letting people out onto the street.

The city has decided that they’re going to follow Governor Abbott’s lead and bus the migrants to their preferred destination, New York City.

Here he is on Monday afternoon talking about it with Harrison Faulkner on Fox News.

The best part about this is that the migrants are the ones saying that New York is where they want to go. This isn’t “tricking” the migrants to get bussed out of town — it’s the destination that they want.

That should rankle some feathers in New York.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is upset that a few thousand migrants are being bussed from the Lone Star state to the Empire State and dropped off in his “Sanctuary City.”

SPICY: Broken Border Fight Between Gov Abbott And NYC’s Mayor Is Heating Up (VIDEO)

What’s the problem? Don’t they have a lot of space because of the mass exodus that happened after New York’s excessive COVID lockdowns?

Adams isn’t the only one whining about suddenly having to deal with thousands of people unexpectedly arriving in town, though.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been quite vocal about how much she doesn’t like the couple of hundred migrants sent her way. She even questioned Governor Abbott’s faith because he’s sending migrants to where they would be welcomed — the city that she had proudly declared was a “Sanctuary City.”

WATCH: Mayor Lori Lightfoot Attacks Gov. Greg Abbott’s FAITH For Busing Migrants To Chicago

She’s not backing down, either.

It’s weird… after having several very public hissy fits over how Governor Abbott has been using migrants as political pawns,  half of the migrants that arrived from Texas on Wednesday were bused into Burr Ridge, a Republican suburb that is outside of the “Sanctuary City” of Chicago.

The mayor of Burr Ridge blasted Lightfoot and Illinois’s Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker for using those migrants as “political pawns.”

After being bussed from Texas, 147 migrants arrived in Chicago on Wednesday, according to FOX 32. Sixty-four of those migrants were then taken to a Hampton Inn hotel in Burr Ridge, which is outside of Chicago, where they will be for at least the next 27 days.

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso, a Republican, told Fox News that the migrants are being used as “political pawns” by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker.

“As is my understanding, this hotel, about a year ago, when refugees came in from Afghanistan, apparently accepted several either through faith-based or charitable organizations, but now the state assumes they can just send migrants… this isn’t about them, the migrants is fine, they’re being used as political pawns by the governor and mayor,” Grasso said.
Source: Fox News

Finally, here is D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser flip-flopping on her support for illegal migrants being welcome in Washington.

She made a request to bring in the National Guard troops to address fewer than 10,000 migrants bussed into D.C. that she called a “humanitarian crisis.”

If 10,000 migrants over a few months is a “humanitarian crisis” then what is 100,000 to 200,000 a month?

Last Thursday, Mayor Bowser declared a few thousand migrants bussed in from the Southern Border a public emergency:

These big city mayors are getting a taste of what small border towns have had to deal with on a daily basis since Biden was elected, and they don’t like it much.

If they’ve declared themselves a “Sanctuary City” then they shouldn’t be complaining when illegal border crossers show up by the hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands.

What happened to the “no one is illegal” crowd? Are they suddenly against migrants? Or is it that they don’t want migrants in their neighborhood?

Here is Vice President Harris in Sunday’s “Meet The Press” interview insisting that the border is secure and that the real problems began with — you guessed it — the Bad Orange Man.

Remember, Democrats want illegal migrants to come into the country — as long as they stay in “flyover country” and don’t head to the Democrat “Sanctuary Cities.”

Interestingly enough, they seem to think that Republicans should be banished to the hinterlands as well.

Here is Gov. Kathy Hochul telling Republicans to “get out of town” because they’re “not New Yorkers.”

It’s so messed up.

It’s the worst kind of NIMBYism — they want open borders, but the illegal migrants and Republicans shouldn’t go and defile their precious cities.

We’ve seen what those cities look like these days with homelessness, open drug use, and the massive spike in violent crime resulting from the revolving door prison system and “woke” District Attorneys who refuse to keep violent felons behind bars.

Democrats apparently want keep their sh*thole deep blue cities all to themselves.

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