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Dementia Joe Forgets That Rep. Jackie Walorski Tragically Died In August — KJP Fails At Spin (VIDEO)

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President Biden had a rather embarrassing “Senior Moment” on Wednesday, and you won’t believe how the White House Press Secretary tried to explain it…

On Wednesday at a White House conference on hunger, nutrition, and health, President Joe Biden called on the Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski to stand and be acknowledged for assisting in organizing the event, seemingly forgetting that the 58-year-old had tragically died in a car accident with two of her staffers in August.

“And I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like Representative McGovern, Senator Braun, Senator Booker, Representative — Jackie, you here? Where’s Jackie?” Biden asked as he looked around. “I didn’t think she was gonna be here.”

There is no excuse for this considering his staff literally writes everything down for him on cards and he relies heavily on a teleprompter.

But it’s even worse than that… before Biden spoke, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack thanked four lawmakers, including “the late Congresswoman Walensky [sic]”, for organizing the event.

There was also apparently a video tribute to the late Congresswoman right before Biden spoke.

It sure looks like it’s time for that cognitive test, eh?

After Joe’s dementia moment, it was time for clean-up on Aisle Biden.

White House Diversity Hire Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to be surprised that the White House Press Corps would even ask questions about the incident.

Her excuse would be unbelievable from just about any other White House Press Secretary, but this one is just awful at her job. KJP said that the reason that Biden behaved as though he had no idea that Rep. Walorski had died was that, “She was clearly on top of his mind.”

The Press Corps just refused to buy that bunk. Reporter after reporter was questioning why the President didn’t seem to know that one of the lawmakers that organized the event had died.

KJP’s response makes the President’s “gaffe” even worse — there will be a White House event on Friday to rename a VA office in Indiana after the late Congresswoman.

One CBS News Radio reporter continued to press the issue and said that “the memory of the Congresswoman and history requires some clarity here.” He went on to ask if Joe was confused about something that he didn’t recognize on the teleprompter.

He pushed and asked if the prepared remarks from the teleprompter would be available.

The best moment goes to NewsMax’s James Rosen who says that just because someone is “top of mind” it doesn’t mean you go looking for them if they’ve died.

Yet another reporter calls out the absolute bullcrap that is being spread by the White House Press Secretary… and then it becomes chaotic.

The Media Research Center put the clips together and it’s just 2 minutes and 47 seconds of KJP beclowning herself.

The only thing consistent in this administration is just how exceptionally bad every single person is at their job — from the President and Vice President, the White House Press Secretary, to the entire cabinet, they all just scream incapable.

This is what you get when you put a mediocre politician who is now quite clearly experiencing some level of cognitive decline into the Presidency.

The American people need to see Joe Biden draw a clock and it should be done on live tv with multiple camera angles because this administration can’t be trusted to be honest about any cognitive test results.

But if he isn’t mentally fit for office, that would give us… President Kamala.

Is it worse to have a dementia patient in the Oval Office or a cackling diversity hire who always sounds like she’s trying to present a book report without having read the book when she speaks?

Sadly, America might be better off with the dementia patient.

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