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Insurance Actuaries Alarmed By Soaring Deaths Of 35-44yo … Notice Relevant Clues

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There were a lot of casualties in the Wuflu Pandemic. Not the least of them was the truth. Experts in suits and labcoats told us to believe the science, obey the guidance and everything would work out.

They were wrong. A LOT.

For a great many people, it didn’t work out. Not at all.

As expected, the virus itself claimed a lot of lives — especially among the old and the infirm.

More devastating than the deaths of those lost directly to the Wuhan Virus, who tended to be well above retirement age with complicated medical histories, were the OTHER unexpected rash of deaths that could not be explained away by the virus itself.

In particular, we mean the unexpected death toll among the 35-44 age demographic.

A survey sent out by the Society of Actuaries to all 20 participating life insurance companies heard back from 18 member companies. Seventeen of those 18 insurance companies stated that a death was treated as a Covid death if Covid appeared anywhere on the death certificiate, not only if it was considered the ‘primary’ cause of death.

Some of us took a lot of heat for raising that exact concern about the ubiquitous COVID Death Clock the media used to drive the panic porn and viewership.

But something else showed up in that survey (posted here by Ivan Pentchouckov).

It turned up some alarming statistics about the mortality rate of 35-44yo adults.

They are up.

Way up.

As in, they are up to levels so high they are considered 3 sigma events, or once-in-200-year anomalies.

This is, to quote Joe Biden, a Big F***ing Deal.

Sifting the data turns up some unexpected findings. For one thing, these deaths have hit white-collar workers harder than others.

The report also notes that white-collar workers had the highest number of excess deaths during the two years studied. The group, which includes accountants, lawyers, computer programmers, and most other jobs done in an office setting, had 23 percent more deaths than expected.
The sharp increase of deaths among working-age people was first brought to light by Scott Davison, CEO of the Indianapolis-based life insurance company OneAmerica, who said in a virtual press conference on Dec. 30, 2021, that his company and the life insurance industry as a whole was seeing a 40 percent increase in deaths among people ages 18 to 64.

You know who’s NOT on that list?

You don’t see people like grocery clerks, gas station attendants, truck drivers, janitors, fire fighters and all the other blue-collar stiffs who had to keep showing up in person to their jobs while the information economy got to do all their meetings over a laptop and have their sashimi delivered by Uber Eats.

There’s more. Remember how other countries like Germany and Australia have been talking more openly about that ONE topic that got so many people de-platformed for the thoughtcrime of being ‘anti-vaxxers’ here in America? Statistics have shown that vaccine injuries were far higher in those places than first reported.

Yeah. We might want to finally start having that same conversation in America. Because they found an interesting data point in the timeline for when all these deaths peaked. In some circles this might be called a ‘clue’.

Edward Dowd, a hedge fund manager who has been studying excess mortality for the past several months, says the rate of deaths among young people is alarming. He pointed out that excess deaths peaked around the time the Biden administration mandated COVID-19 vaccines and companies rushed to comply.
“Temporally, in that three-month period, the change was such that, there was something that occurred,” he said. “Well, we all know what occurred in August, September, and October. It was Biden’s mandates on Sept. 9, and a lot of corporations anticipating those mandates.”

Is that definitive? No. But it sure is enough to justify some serious fact-gathering to determine what connections might exist between these deaths and a vaccine the public was bullied into taking by their own government.

It’s one thing to make a product like a vaccine available to whoever wants it and thinks it will solve a problem for them. But that isn’t what this administration did.

They looked for every possible way to use guilt, intimidation, and even the threat of financial ruination to compel people to take a medical product whose benefits were still very much up in the air.

Making matters worse was the information war being waged against the public by our own government, stripping citizens of the very information they most needed to make medical decisions with ‘informed consent’.

And THIS is the party that claims to be the great defenders of ‘medical choice’?

Sure. Try selling that talking point to the next-of-kin.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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