LAWYERED UP: Mike Lindell Goes On Offence After Phone Seizure … Cites Rights Violations

Written by Wes Walker on September 16, 2022

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There’s a secret to using intimidation to bullying someone … it only works when you’ve got something to lose.

When you try to push around someone who’s already survived the worst of everything you can throw at him, you’re playing a dangerous game.

You might just find yourself up against the one scrappy kid in the playground unafraid to call the bully’s bluff, break his nose, and give the other kids on the playground reason to rediscover their own spine. Once spell of invulnerability is broken and the bully loses his power.

There is no greater power to bully someone than those who have the legal monopoly on the use of force — namely, federal law enforcement. But because they are people too, there can be a temptation for them to go rogue as well.

What recourse does a free citizen have in such a situation? They can declare war against their bullies the Constitutional way … in a court of law.

It’s a big gamble because the government has nearly infinite resources at their disposal and this administration’s cronies have shown a vindictive willingness to punish any legal firm foolish enough to protect their hated enemies by embroiling legal counsel in investigations of their own. It’s a dirty trick, sure but effective since it takes them out of the game and intimdates others from joining the fight.

But Mike Lindell is that kid on the schoolyard who’s had enough. If he can even get one good punch in and bloody the bully’s nose, that bully’s power to frighten evaporates.

Since the FBI phone seizure we reported on earlier this week, Mike Lindell has met with legal counsel.

He thinks he’s got a strong case based on multiple Bill of Rights violations, including his First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights.

Mike Lindell is not mincing words, either. He’s coming out swinging.

Here are a couple of memorable moments from this 6-minute clip of his appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

“We’re suing the United States government and the FBI and this isn’t just to get the phone back. This is my First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights were broken. […] We’re not going to put up with this. We’re not going to be the Gestapo like in Nazi Germany … we’re being proactive.

We got all the lawyers on the phone, they looked up all these statutes … this will set a precedent. This has to stop. Nobody gets to bash somebody’s door down and you get 40 seconds to answer a door.

He reminds us that not only did he run multiple businesses through that phone, but they deprived him of the tool that controls his hearing aids as well.

Uh-oh. Hearing aids?

As in, devices medically necessary for a physical disability?

Well, well, well. This could get real ugly for Biden’s Wingman, right quick.

If the ACLU didn’t have their head so far up the left’s backside, this is exactly the kind of case they were built for.

Since they’ve abandoned their mission, Mike will have to fight this fight without them.

All it takes is a little bit of courage and conviction that you are on the right side of the fight. On that note…

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