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LMAO: Here Are The BEST Memes Of The Lib Freak-Out Over Migrants Sent To Sanctuary Cities

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It’s been hilarious watching the Lib media lose their minds over the border crisis recently.

But let’s get one thing straight first — Biden’s Broken Border is a humanitarian crisis. Unfettered illegal immigration is not sustainable, especially for a country with generous social programs. It’s also completely inhumane to relegate economic migrants who will inevitably be refused asylum claims to the underground economy until Dems get enough support to pass asylum. The Libs refuse to acknowledge any of this.

The sudden outrage about the border wasn’t because we are getting close to a record of 2,000,000 apprehensions at the border this year alone — and that doesn’t include the who knows how many “gotaways.” It also wasn’t because of the sharp increase in drug smuggling, including fentanyl. It wasn’t because of the brutal rape of young girls found abandoned by border patrol or the “rape trees” where women and girls are raped on U.S. soil and their underwear is hung in the branches to mock border security. There was no hysterical outrage from these “Sanctuary” jurisdictions over the deaths of migrants making the deadly trek into the country at the hands of cartels.

No, it began a few months ago when GOP Governors decided to send migrants to Sanctuary Cities to relieve the pressure from border towns bursting at the seams. And it’s been ramping up ever since.

Dem cities are learning that it’s easy to claim Sanctuary City status if they’re not a border town, but it gets much more difficult when the fit hits the shan.

The hysteria hit fever pitch this week when a group of 50 migrants were flown into Martha’s Vineyard from Florida.

While this isn’t exactly a long-term solution to the problem of the open border, it is doing one thing rather effectively — it’s forcing Democrat cities and the Regime Media to cover the border crisis instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Once these Dem strongholds are “mugged by reality” with a few migrants showing up, you see how quickly the virtue signaling drops.

Christina Pushaw, Rapid Response Director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis posted a video of a Democrat in Martha’s Vineyard explaining why they can’t manage to be a sanctuary for a few dozen migrants.

The memes about residents of Martha’s Vineyard freaking out about a handful of migrants were shared all day.

Here are a few of them.

But the most hilarious thing isn’t a meme at all.

There is a GoFundMe for the “Sanctuary” of Martha’s Vineyard to care for 50 migrants.

Yes, the island playground that houses the summer homes of the rich, sophisticated elite is begging for money for a few dozen people.

Gee, maybe they should have thought of that before declaring themselves a “Sanctuary” jurisdiction.

Sanctuary Cities either need to put up or shut up.

Or, even better, they could join with the overwhelmed border towns in their calls for the Biden administration to actually secure the border.

Governor Ron DeSantis called out what was happening at an event on Thursday. He said, “Their virtue signaling is a fraud.”

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