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The 21st Anniversary Of 9/11 One Year After Biden’s Bungled Withdrawal From Afghanistan

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As we remember the horrific acts of terror on American soil that happened over two decades ago, the Biden administration’s disastrous decisions in Afghanistan cannot be ignored.

The President who touted himself as a “foreign policy expert” but others have said was wrong on pretty much every single foreign policy issue in 40+ years, made the horrendous decision to pull out all troops from Afghanistan ahead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

We all know how that worked out — tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment left behind, allies abandoned, desperate Afghans flooding onto the tarmac to try to get on planes, the U.S. drone killing of an innocent man and a number of children in his family, and, of course, 13 servicemembers and dozens of civilians were killed in a terror attack at the airport in Kabul.

On August 30, the Taliban celebrated Biden’s bungled withdrawal with victory chants, a military parade showing off what the U.S.-led forces left behind, and even setting off fireworks to celebrate what the oppressive Islamic regime ironically calls “Freedom Day.”

Despite the restrictions, and a deepening humanitarian crisis, many Afghans say they are glad the foreign forces that prompted the Taliban insurgency left after a brutal 20-year war.

“We are happy that Allah got rid of the infidels from our country, and the Islamic Emirate has been established,” said Zalmai, a resident of Kabul.

In a statement, the government said the day marked “the country’s freedom from American occupation”.
Source: France 24

H.R. McMaster, Trump’s former National Security Advisor, wrote an article in Foreign Policy Magazine that says that Americans must end the self-delusion about our enemies.

After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Al Qaeda went right back into Afghanistan and found a safe haven there with the Taliban back in charge.

McMaster said that there is a “malady of self-delusion in Washington” and it comes right from the top — President Joe Biden.

The retired United States Army Lieutenant General says that Biden’s comments as the disastrous withdrawal was playing out is illustrative of this self-delusion.

…“What interest do we have in Afghanistan at this point with al Qaeda gone?” [President Biden] asked in an effort to justify his decision to withdraw every U.S. service member from Afghanistan. “We went to Afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al Qaeda in Afghanistan. … And we did.”

The problem with such statements is that they were clearly not accurate, as many warned early last year and as the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Long War Journal has documented for many years. The Taliban gave al Qaeda a safe haven to plan 9/11, and the two groups have remained attached at the hip ever since. Indeed, no less than a United Nations monitoring team reiterated in an April 2021 assessment that “the Taliban and Al-Qaida remain closely aligned and show no indication of breaking ties.” You know there is a problem when a U.N. entity has a clearer view of the United States’ enemies than the White House.

“In Afghanistan, Washington’s policies and strategies over two decades were based on fictions U.S. leaders told themselves and the American people rather than objective assessments of enemies and adversaries, the situation on the ground, and the necessary actions to secure U.S. interests,” writes McMaster. “This self-delusion has led to self-defeat.”

He adds that despite Biden saying that the point of the war was to go after Al Qaeda and they had been chased out of Afghanistan, the moment the U.S.-led forces left, Al Qaeda were welcomed back.

We know this because in July, the Biden regime was crowing about a successful drone strike in Kabul that took out the head of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

McMaster says, “The White House should not be so foolish as to believe that one strike in a year is sufficient to deprive al Qaeda of the breathing space it needs to plan and launch attacks against the United States and its allies.”

“If the United States fails to keep pressure on terrorist groups like al Qaeda, it should expect more attacks on its homeland,” he writes.

That brings us to September 2022, with the anniversary of the deaths of 2,977 innocent Americans because of terror attacks on U.S. soil.

Never forget.

Al Qaeda and the Taliban are now better armed than they were before 9/11/2001 courtesy of the Biden administration.

Our current military leaders seem more focused on implementing “woke” ideology among the troops and spreading it globally rather than preparing a capable military force.

The enemies of America and Western ideals like freedom and democracy have taken note.

So why does this all matter today? If the United States fails to keep pressure on terrorist groups like al Qaeda, it should expect more attacks on its homeland. But more than that, if Americans don’t demand an end to self-delusion in Washington regarding the nature and objectives of the country’s adversaries and what is necessary to secure its national interests, they should expect more self-defeat when confronting other adversaries—such as Beijing, Moscow, Pyongyang, and Tehran.

As Commander In Chief, Joe Biden has failed.

He failed the memory of the innocents that were killed on 9/11 and the troops who lost their lives in Afghanistan over 20 years, the servicemembers that were injuried, the Gold Star families, and every single American as the risk of attacks on the U.S. homeland is higher now than when troops were stationed in Afghanistan.

Biden is clearly more concerned with his political survival exhibited by his fixation on the threat of “MAGA Republicans” than he is with the possibility of a resurgence in global terror now that Al Qaeda is back in business with the backing of the Taliban and the military equipment abandoned there.

But it’s not just that — Biden’s committment to re-institute the horrendos Iran deal after multiple violations by Tehran will increase the risk of terror attacks around the world.

Indeed, Americans are witnessing a paragon of self-delusion in the Biden administration’s efforts to reach a new nuclear agreement with Iran. In Tehran, a radical regime is pretending to negotiate in good faith even as it remains as determined as ever to wage a campaign of terrorism against the United States and its partners through proxies while progressing toward a nuclear weapons capability and seeking the destruction of Israel.
Source: Foreign Policy Magazine

In addition, this administration’s policies on energy are pushing America’s enemies, China, Iran, and Russia to work together more closely than they ever have before.

The Brain Trust in the Biden administration continues to believe that they are right despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

I pray that there will never again be something as horrific as the 9/11 attack, but with this weak President, his know-nothing advisors, and “woke” military leaders — all of whom are steeped in the self-delusion that McMaster speaks of, I’m not sure they’d recognize a threat to America until it’s too late.

It’s a sobering thing to consider on the anniversary of 9/11.

Somehow, some on the left think that this is a fair trade for an end to the “mean tweets” by the Bad Orange Man.


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