These ‘Rowdy Christian Journals’ Will Make You Howl Like A Spider Monkey

Written by Doug Giles on September 2, 2022

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These spiral-bound notebooks are perfect for college, public school, taking sermon notes, and so much more.

Can you imagine what leftists will do if they see you rockin’ up with one of these bad boys?

They’ll lose their minds. Christians and right-wingers are supposed to be stodgy and serious. They’re not supposed to have a sense of humor — let alone a biting one.

It’s time to show the world that they’re just as wrong on that as they are on COVID, the economy, and what constitutes a “threat to democracy.”

Introducing the brand new line of “Rowdy Christian Journals” with that signature Clash-itude.

These lined notebooks are spiral-bound and ready for your class notes, sermon notes, thoughts, poems, prayers, and even your shopping or to-do list.

Check ’em out…

Give some great advice to college students going out on their own.

Be Decisive Because The Highway Of Life Is Paved With Flat Indecisive Squirrels. 

How’s this for a prayer journal?

Prayer Bombs I Have Unleashed On Satan’s Face.

Can you say, “Boom”?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and need a “daily affirmation”? Try this one on for size.

When Satan Says, “I’m Unworthy”, I Remind Him That Jesus Died For The Unworthy.

For all the things that would get you that look from your elders…

Here’s All The Stuff I Can’t Say In Front Of Grandma

Troll the Pandemic Paranoics that obeyed every nonsensical diktat of Fascist COVIDictator Fauci.

Not Today Fauci.

I Told You Fauci Was Full of Crap.

Have you been called a “conspiracy theorist” for any of the following:

  • Believing natural immunity from a virus means you don’t need a vaccine.
  • Saying Democrats don’t really want to control illegal immigration because the Migrant Industrial Complex is beneficial for them.
  • Pondered aloud the possibility that a handful of elites want the entire world on board with their anti-human “Great Reset” agenda to “save the planet”.
  • Insisted that lockdowns and school closures for two-plus years are detrimental to businesses, children, the elderly, mental health, and society in general.

Well, have we got the notebook for you!

90+ Thing I Was Completely Right About

Maybe over the course of the last few years, you’ve lost trust in government officials…

My List Of Evil Politicians Who Need To Move To Whore Island.

But these aren’t just for the young ‘uns.

Here’s a design for a more mature demographic.

Warn everyone at the town hall meeting that you’re retired and have a whole lot of wisdom and time on your hands.

Call Me “RED”: Retired and Extremely Dangerous.

How about this one for your daily journal or sermon notes?

Smoking Cigars Is My Form Of Mediation.

Those’ll trigger the blue-haired, nonbinary vegan Starbucks barista, the hip, neo-Marxist assistant college prof with the Che Guevarra t-shirt, and your kid’s masked, quadruple-jabbed public school teacher that would prefer to conduct her class over Zoom.

And really, isn’t that worth a few bucks?