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Walt Disney Company Releases Cartoon Featuring The Antichrist Child Of Satan — No, This Is Not Satire

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The satanic new cartoon features NSFW language, pagan rituals, witchcraft, blood and gore, and non-pixelated nudity.

“Little Demon”, a new animated show released in late August on FX and streaming on Hulu, is a story about the 13-year-old daughter of Satan who is the Antichrist.

The show trailer states that the new show is from one of the co-creators of the cultishly-popular nihilistic animated series “Rick and Morty” which really pushes the envelope with their adult-oriented jokes.

What does a show on FX have to do with Disney? Great question.

In 2019, Disney merged with 20th Century Fox and took control of the FX network, ergo, what airs on FX is with the approval of Disney.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) description of the show is, “After being impregnated by the Devil, a reluctant mother and her Antichrist daughter attempt to live an ordinary life in Delaware.”

Imagine the Antichrist coming from Delaware. Who could imagine that kind of imagery? *cough*

The show features Danny DeVito as Satan, his real-life daughter Lucy voicing the teenage antichrist, Chrissy, and Aubery Plaza plays mom Laura that was knocked up by the devil.

The first episode had Laura performing a ritual completely nude — and the show didn’t pixelate anything.

The show’s creators aren’t apologizing for it at all — they’re vowing to push the envelope.

Co-creator Seth Kirschner said during FX’s Television Critics Tour panel, “We are going to keep going for it until we are told no. We cut a bunch of stuff out, oddly enough.”

“It’s not something to be pixillated,” adds Fowler. “What’s exciting about it, what it says about the character of Laura is that she’s a total badass. She’s Sarah Connor meets Emma Peel meets John Wick. She’s non-pixillated. You see woman do what she does as she goes into metaphysical realm.”

You can see from the trailer that the show carries this toxic feminism forward by insisting that it’s good for women to behave as men in order to show their strength.

The creators of the show also decided to make Laura and Chrissy Jewish, which they say they will “explore further” later in Season 1.

Deadline reports that a number of stars will also appear as guest voiceovers — Mel Brooks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Jackson Harper, Pamela Adlon, Rhea Perlman, Shangela, Patrick Wilson, Dave Bautista, June Diane Raphael, Toks Olagundoye, Lamorne Morris, and Sam Richardson.

The adult-oriented show is already streaming on Hulu and slated to appear on Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand later this month. No news on if/when it will hit Disney+ in North America.

Over the past few years, Disney has been creating films that make their villains into sympathetic “misunderstood” anti-heroes — live-action movies like “Maleficent” and “Cruella” are prime examples of this.

It’s a trend in the culture to add nuance to wicked characters and make them more relatable. We see that with shows like “The Sopranos”, “Breaking Bad”, and “Dexter”.

Sometimes, a villain is just a villain and needs to be portrayed that way.

That is especially true with kids’ shows that require simpler themes because the nuance can confuse young children.

While this particular show isn’t meant for kids, having it streaming on Disney+ increases the likelihood of kids being exposed to it.

And if that’s the case, what kind of redeeming features will “Little Demon” give to a character that is proclaimed to literally be the Antichrist? Or Satan for that matter?

Walt Disney would be horrified to see what is being done with his legacy.

Disney isn’t the same company that it used to be — they’re deliberately inserting ideology into their programming.

But we already knew that with their “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

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