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‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Star Makes KICK-ASS Patriotic Film That Hollywood Wouldn’t Touch (VIDEO)

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John Schneider is putting it all on the line with a pro-America film standing in defiance of Hollywood leftism.

Schneider wrote, directed, and starred in his new flick, “To Die For”, and his wife and filmmaking partner, Alicia Allain, produced it.

The movie is about a man who went to jail for defying a restraining order forbidding him from driving within 300 yards of a local high school in his truck that was proudly flying the American flag.

On Wednesday, Schneider spoke to Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo about the movie and said that he just doesn’t understand how conservatives refuse to push back on the “wokeness” that is being shoved at us from every side — especially Hollywood.

“People are afraid to go [against woke culture],” said Schneider. “I don’t understand that. I don’t understand why conservatives are timid when it comes to this. My belief is that you can only be pushed so far, and they have pushed us so far that we have got to do something.”

Schneider says that the film was made with a crew of under 10 people over 10 months because they had to.

When Salcedo notes that that is “the definition of a shoestring budget.” He then asks if it’s safe to assume that Hollywood wouldn’t touch the pro-America film.

“Oh my gosh!,” says Schneider, “My gosh! They wouldn’t spend any money to develop it. They certainly wouldn’t film it, they wouldn’t distribute it, but my wife and I are fiercely and unapologetically independent. So, we make our own content. We also distribute our own content.”

Schneider adds, “Right now we are all in. If this movie doesn’t work, we lose everything, but we’ve always been there. You know, I believe, if you’re not all in, you’re out.”

“The madness has gotten to the point where something must be done. All great movements and reclamations begin with a single thought and a God-given means of expression. This is mine,” said Schneider in another interview.

Amen, brother!

Here is what Schneider has to say about his movie on the website:

Even in this ever changing world some things refuse to bend. Meet Gunnery Sergeant Quint North. A creature of habit and discipline, the current PC world and patriots are the enemy of progress mentality makes no sense at all to him. The propensity of athletes taking a knee and disrespecting not only this great country but also those who gave their lives protecting it makes even less.
But what can one man do to fight the intentional decay of the greatest country the world has ever known?
Speak out. Live a patriotic example. And, if necessary, die for his flag.
Because she’s worth it.
WARNING: This movie is intensely patriotic. If patriotism and love of country offend you in any way… watch this film… then move somewhere else.
Filmmaker – John Schneider

Here’s the full trailer:

Conservatives are creating their own content and pushing back against “woke” Hollywood and it’s a thing of beauty.

Schneider is all in… now we’ve got to do our part and support this.

To Die For was released for streaming on Thursday on

DVDs are also available at

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