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Fox News Border Correspondent Confronts Dems In D.C. About Biden’s Broken Border (VIDEO)

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The Fox News correspondent is showing exactly why he’s a bee in the bonnet of the Biden administration.

Or at least one of them.

It’s no secret that the Biden admin gets frustrated with the questions that Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asks, but that’s not the only tall Fox News reporter with great hair that they’re annoyed with.

Earlier this month, Politico reported that Bill Melugin’s reporting on the border was getting under the skin of senior White House officials.

They’re also apparently annoyed that he’s hot. No, really.

To be fair, if you look at who the senior admin of the White House is, someone who’s hot would probably be quite intimidating and bring up feelings of insecurity.

Speaking of insecurity… that’s precisely the beat that Melugin covers — border insecurity, that is.

But last week, he shook things up a bit — instead of his usual gig at the border, Mr. Melugin went to Washington to talk to Democrats about the unprecedented number of people crossing the border illegally since Biden took office.

Melugin tried to ask a number of lawmakers about the situation at the southern border, but he didn’t have much luck with most Democrats, or with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas whose office just ignored the request for an interview.

Check out this amazing segment that aired on Fox News on Monday afternoon:

Gee, why don’t the Dems want to talk about the Biden administration’s talking points about the border? Is it because we all know that it’s a giant pile of crap that is easily refuted?

The way that the language keeps changing is a clue; we went from the standard term of illegal aliens to “undocumented migrants” to just “migrants” or “asylum-seekers.”

It’s so disingenuous — the vast majority are economic migrants that want to skip the lengthy and expensive immigration system and come in the back door. Most of the claims of “asylum” will be rejected, but that will take years and by then, they’d have made a life in the United States and the bleeding hearts will say that it’s “inhumane” to deport them.

What’s really inhumane is giving them hope that they will be able to stay after making a dangerous journey putting their lives in the hands of criminal cartels who don’t give a damn about them or their kids.

Highlighting what is going on at the border is vital — it’s unfortunate that only one major network is doing it.

But we all know exactly why that is, don’t we? Most of the Regime Media would never allow critical coverage of Biden’s Broken Border — that might get Republicans elected.

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