LMAO: BLM’s Favorite Lawyer, Ben Crump, Gets Sued For Being A Lying Grifter

Written by Wes Walker on October 6, 2022

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It was the natural evolution of grievance law. Yesterday’s ambulance-chasers were the trailblazers who paved the way for the current generation of racial grievance lawsuits.

Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson before him, Ben Crump has learned how to use the anger of others to line his pockets very well.

During the peak of the BLM movement, Ben Crump was everywhere. He wasn’t just front-and-center for the Floyd family. You could be sure to see his face in the frame any time the family of a black man or woman held up a grievance against the police.

We haven’t heard his name quite so often now for two reasons. First, it’s unnecessary to put mob pressure on the government to push the racial essentialist policy when clods like Biden will gladly advance their policy without it. Second, BLM is no longer the darling of the left now that both the organization and its leaders have been at the center of grifting scandals.

This brings us to the lawsuit that’s been leveled at Ben Crump by the family of Duante Wright Jr. You will remember the story when a cop yelled ‘taser taser taser’ before drawing a weapon and firing it at a motorist who was attempting to flee the scene. Ultimately, she drew her gun, not her taser, and Wright was killed.

A civil lawsuit was filed Monday on behalf of Chyna Whitaker, the mother of Daunte Wright Senior’s son, who says her former attorney Ben Crump “promised and assured her up-front that any GoFundMe monies raised through The Daunte Wright Sr. Memorial Fund would be split 50/50 between Daunte Jr. and the Wright family.” — National Pulse

What are the particular complaints?

Ms Whitaker is the plaintiff in the suit. Mr Crump, his law firm, Mr Wright’s parents, and one unnamed individual referred to as John Doe are the defendants.
“Of the approximate $1,039,260 raised through GoFundMe and managed by Crump’s law firm, not one single penny has been turned over to Plaintiff for the benefit of Daunte, Jr.,” the lawsuit states, Law & Crime reported. “Rather, the entirety of the GoFundMe campaign funds have been directly turned over to Daunte, Sr.’s parents, Katie Bryant a/k/a Katie Wright and Arbuey Wright despite written demands to Defendants through their attorneys.”
The lawsuit alleges that Mr Crump told Ms Whitaker “up-front that any GoFundMe monies raised through The Daunte Wright Sr. Memorial Fund would be split 50/50 between Daunte, Jr. and the Wright Family”.
“Daunte, Sr.’s Aunt, Kelly Bryant, who organized the GoFundMe also represented that Daunte, Jr. would receive a portion of these monies,” the lawsuit states. “However, this did not happen.”
The lawsuit seeks a figure “in excess of $500,000,” as well as a “full and complete accounting” of the accounts connected to the fundraiser, legal costs, and any other aid the court thinks is suitable.
— Independent

A full accounting, eh?

That would make for some interesting reading.

Where DID all that money go?

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