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National Guardsman Expected Flu Shot Got The Jab Instead… DESPITE Religious Objections

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Former Maine National Guard Specialist Mathew Bouchard was nearing the end of his military service. Despite his religious exemption to the COVID shot, he received one anyway.

Here’s the problem: this isn’t a case of someone caving to various pressures to comply. He went in to the clinic for an ordinary flu shot and came out having received the jab he had specifically refused on grounds of moral objection.

At the time he got jabbed, he only had a few months’ worth of service remaining. He wasn’t the only person there who got the wrong injection, either.

In April of 2021, he filled out the religious exemption but never received an answer. In November of 2021 he was ordered to take the shot even though he only had two months remaining in his military service.

There were two lines for vaccines that day — one was people getting the flu shot and the other was for the mRNA jab. He filled out his refusal for the C-19 vaccine and filled in the paperwork for the flu shot he was going to get.

There were two separate lines for vaccinations, one for COVID and the other for the flu, and there were two separate noncommissioned officers (NCOs) administering the vaccines. While Bouchard was in the flu shot line, the NCO in the COVID line said that anyone needing the flu vaccine could go to his line to get it. Bouchard asked the NCO if he should be doing this, and the NCO changed his mind, so Bouchard went back to the flu shot line.
Both Bouchard and his attorney, R. Davis Younts, mentioned that it was unusual for the NCO in the COVID vaccine line to offer the flu shot because there are supposed to be different NCOs to give different vaccines. One NCO isn’t supposed to give two different vaccines. There are also not supposed to be two different vaccines at the same table.
Additionally, the vaccines should be labeled differently. Younts noted that while the COVID vaccine is usually in a multi-dose bottle, the flu vaccine is in a single-dose syringe.
Bouchard then got what was supposed to be the flu shot. After receiving the injection, he was told that anyone who wanted a religious exemption from the COVID shot was to meet with the NCO who was giving that vaccine.
— JustTheNews

It was only later that Bouchard was told that he was given the wrong injection.

The JustTheNews article outlines a variety of ways that the military failed to meet their legal obligations to process religious exemptions like his in good faith, calling these failures a ‘pattern’.

Said differently, there was a ‘systemic’ bias against anyone offering resistance to the jab whether for religious reasons or any other.

The day after Bouchard received the vaccine, he was called into a meeting with a sergeant major, chaplain, and others in the chain of command who told him that he was given the COVID vaccine instead of the flu shot. When he asked if this was planned, he was told it wasn’t, that this was the first time it happened and the NCO who gave him the wrong shot felt terrible about it.
…The process for receiving a vaccine in the military includes signing the form for the specific vaccine, verifying which vaccine a service member is there for, identifying themselves by their name, date of birth, and last four digits of their Social Security Number, and then verifying the product.
For a mistake to be made with the vaccines, proper procedure must not have been followed, Younts said, arguing that for it “to happen different times to more than one person is troubling.”
— JustTheNews

Bouchard only received the initial dose and has not seen any complications so far. That said, there is a whole list of reasons why (a) this mistake should never have happened with even one person, let alone several and (b) why this could point to an ugly shift in military leadership that puts hitting certain achievement metrics — including vaccine compliance numbers — ahead of obvious legal and moral obligations military leaders have to those under their command.

It’s no secret where this pressure is coming from.

If we all saw Biden looking for ways to strongarm private businesses into vaccine conformity by threatening massive fines for non-compliance when he holds no such power over private businesses, certainly the leaders within Biden’s chain of command structure got the message loud and clear that non-compliance to this particular vaccine would NOT be tolerated.

It raises legitimate questions — with the bottles for the flu shot and the COVID jab so very different, was this an honest mistake, or was it a ‘mistake’ that conveniently helped military brass juice his own compliance numbers?

If it turns out that the ‘mistake’ was never a mistake in the first place, how much confidence can we have that the ‘investigation’ into how this happened will turn up any wrongdoing.

More to the point — how many other people now have health records that don’t accurately reflect their actual treatments? What complications could that incomplete information have either for those patients’ own medical care or for their recourse if adverse effects come as a result of medical procedures that don’t even show up in their medical file?

If this wasn’t a mistake, what legal recourse does a patient have with a government that decides patient consent is a meaningless obstacle that can be ignored?

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