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QUID PRO JOE: The Case Made By DEMOCRATS For Why Biden MUST BE Impeached

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Be careful what precedents you set for your Presidents– you just might be forced to live by them.

It is well-documented that — even apart from the Steele Dossier conspiracy — Clinton loyalists have been working to destroy Trump from the moment Hillary lost the election. David Brock’s white paper ‘Media Matters War Plan 2017‘ still refered to Trump as ‘president-elect’ when they were crafting specific strategies to criminalize the public’s perception of a Trump presidency, systematically choke out the right’s online presence, harrass him with endless allegations, and orchestrate events in order to either get him impeached or have him lose a 2020 re-election bid.

That might be called a lot of things, but ‘democratic’ is definitely not one of them.

We all know what happened next. Trump’s ‘Perfect Phone Call’ with Zelenskyy was ginned up by Adam Schiff as a national security nightmare and a quid pro quo. That supposed ‘quid pro quo’ became the cornerstone premise of impeaching Trump the first time.

There were two problems with that ‘quid pro quo’ allegation. First, Trump never actually withheld any money from Zelensky. Second, he was not trying to use his power to gain political advantage or destroy a political enemy, he was asking President Zelensky to determine whether or not Joe Biden’s own public boasting of threatening to withhold US aid unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor that was looking into corruption allegations against an energy company on whose board Hunter Biden was sitting.

How typical of Demo projection tactics that they would use an instance of Trump looking into international corruption allegations against Biden to accuse Trump of political corruption.

Nothing stuck in the impeachment charges in part because there had never been any dirty deal between Trump and Zelenskyy in the first place. The only ones to withhold military equipment from Ukraine were the Democrats themselves. Joe Biden himself had actually SUSPENDED Ukraine’s military funding in both JUNE and DECEMBER of 2021.

That’s hardly the only example people could cite about quid pro quo arrangements. One Congressman has called him out as directly helping Russia and Iran in a quid pro quo deal

Then along came inflation at levels not seen in decades, driven in large part by the self-own of Joe Biden going well out of his way to deliberately kneecap the domestic energy industry.

If Impeachment 1.0 was driven by claims that Trump used US political leverage against Zelenskyy to score a political win against a political opponent, we know for certain that — by their own logic — if we could point to an actual example of leveraging national power for partisan political interest, the Democrats and their media backers have already created an expectation that the only legitimate option in such a situation is to impeach the offender.

It’s strange how many news outlets reporting on Joe’s interaction with the Saudis this week failed to recognize their moral obligation to call for the impeachment of Joe Biden.

As we all know, the relationship between the current administration and the Saudis has been rocky since the very beginning. They have gotten even worse in the last few days.

OPEC+ didn’t just refuse his request to increase oil production to bring down prices (something we could easily have handled without international help had Joe not thrown a wrench into the domestic petroleum industry) they reduced oil production.

They even made it personal. AFTER Biden reached out to the Saudis they added insult to injury by reducing output by MORE than initial expectations had suggested.

Joe Biden and his Dems have taken an openly hostile stance to the Saudis over this, with Biden rattling his saber about ‘consequences’ the Saudis will face for it.

“There’s going to be some consequences for what they’ve done with Russia,” Biden said of Saudi Arabia in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. “I’m not going to get into what I’d consider and what I have in mind. But there will be — there will be consequences.”
…The president indicated Congress will act when it is back in session after the midterm elections.
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a briefing earlier Tuesday that the U.S. would reassess its relationship with Saudi Arabia following OPEC+’s “decision to align their energy policy with Russia’s war.”

Is Joe upset about Saudi’s helping Russia, or is he upset about their energy policy hurting DEMOCRATS in the Midterms?

When production goes down, prices at the pump go up. High gas prices are never good for the party in power.

The Saudis have a very different story to tell about their interactions with Joe Biden on the topic of oil production and prices.

President Biden’s administration urged Saudi Arabia to delay cutting oil production by one month, putting it behind the midterm elections, the country said Thursday.
The Saudi government, which leads the OPEC oil conglomerate, rejected appeals from the U.S. last week and moved forward with cutting oil production, potentially causing gas prices to spike in the U.S. before Election Day.
“The government of the kingdom clarified through its continuous consultation with the US administration that all economic analysis indicates that postponing the Opec+ decision by a month, according to what has been suggested, would have had negative economic consequences,” read a Thursday statement from the Saudis, according to the Guardian.
— FoxNews

What would motivate Joe to ask for a single month’s delay in this production drop?

What happens in the next month?

If you guessed ‘midterm elections’ you’re correct!

So Biden asked Saudis to keep pump prices low until after the midterm elections… and now that they didn’t, he’s looking to take retributive action against them for NOT helping support his party’s political ambitions.

Between that, the military aid he personally withheld from [Correction:Russia Ukraine] two times, one of which happened even AFTER Putins’ forces were massing on Ukraine’s border we have a basis for impeachment that meets the Democrats’ own criteria…

That’s without going into the extra-Constitutional excesses and various derelictions of duty we have seen from him and his proxies since he took the oath of office.

The international pay-for-play and cashing in on high political office are just the icing on the cake.

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