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WOMANFACE: TikTok Influencer That Documents Transition To ‘Girlhood’ Invited To The White House

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This is not a serious administration and this video alone is proof.

What is the Biden administration’s obsession with TikTok?

First, they brought on an influencer named Benny Drama to get the talking points out to younger voters.

Then they decided to brief TikTok influencers on the war in Ukraine.

Now, the administration has invited a transgender TikTok influencer to meet with the President.

Behold, Dylan Mulvaney, the influencer that parades around as a caricature of a woman as he chronicles his “girlhood.”

Let’s not forget that this person is only an “influencer” because of TikTok’s toxic algorithm.

TikTok is a problem… and not just because we can see the stellar work by Libs of TikTok exposing the insanity that is all over that platform.

The version of TikTok in China has a completely different algorithm that shows wholesome, patriotic, and aspirational, while the algorithm for the rest of the world seems to be degeneracy, gender confusion, mental illness, and politically divisive content. That can’t be a coincidence.

We know that this Chinese app steals the data of its users including keystrokes and biometrics which can then be accessed by the CCP.

The idea that they’re bringing this individual to the White House is incredibly offensive.

This is a former actor, singer, and comedian that is now getting fame and fortune for cosplaying as a woman… not even — he calls himself a “girl.”

Just this week, Ulta Beauty was facing boycotts from angry women for bringing Mulvaney on their podcast to discuss “all things girlhood” with a “gender-fluid” host who happens to sport a beard.

Here’s a clip of that where Mulvaney says that the women who are accusing him of gender appropriation are just “transphobes.”


Let’s take a quick tour of Mulvaney’s videos, shall we?

Here is the self-described actor acting as a girl in nature.

Mulvaney doesn’t just put on a female minstrel show — it’s a “menstrual show”.

Here he is talking about how he carries around menstrual products even though he will never have a menstrual cycle. He also calls a vagina a “Barbie pouch.”

The entire transgender movement seems to be based on the idea of gender stereotypes. At least, that’s how Mulvaney presents his realization that he was actually a “girl”.

That’s the guy that the White House just invited to meet the Presidend and talk about transgenderism.

Earlier this year, Mulvaney was invited to speak at the Forbes “Power Women’s Summit” which is just beyond insulting.

It was probably a bit awkward for Mulvaney to share a stage with an actual woman named Barbie considering he uses that term for a vagina.

If there’s skepticism about how sincere Mulvaney’s “gender dysphoria” is, it’s not without good reason.

This is Dylan Mulvany just five years ago.

He seems pretty comfortable out there performing in nothing but his skivvies, doesn’t he?

You’d think that someone who has suffered for decades, with their body not matching their self-image they’d have a bit of trouble going onstage to perform wearing nothing but Calvins that shows off their bulge.

Do you know what “autogynephilia” is? These are men who suddenly “identify” as a woman a little later in life — sometime after puberty. According to the Free Dictionary, autogynephilia is “sexuoeroticism linked to the thought or image of oneself as female.” These guys literally get off on the thoughts of themselves as women and actual biological women are supposed to just accept their sexual fetish as their “identity” and embrace them as fellow women. How about… NO.

To be clear, I’m nto sayiing that Mulvaney is suffering from this particular sexual paraphilia, but it’s possible, and how are we to know? It seems a bit weird that he’s carrying around menstrual products without being able to use them, doens’t it?

Dylan Mulvaney is not a woman, and cannot ever become a woman no matter what clothes he wears, how much makeup he puts on, or how many tampons he carries around.

He is a disgusting caricature of womanhood and it is truly offensive.

The Biden administration is contributing to the erasure of woman by embracing this guy with his girl costume and taking him seriously.

Fortunately, there are still real badass women out there that don’t have to fake it to make it as a woman.

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