WATCH: Transwoman Says Club Q Shooter’s Non-Binary Identity Is OFFENSIVE Because He’s ‘Obviously A Man’

Written by K. Walker on November 24, 2022

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So… is anyone going to point out the elephant in the room?

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota broke the news on Tuesday night that the Colorado Springs suspect, Anderson Aldrich, identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns according to court filings submitted by his lawyers.

CNN Anchor Is SPEECHLESS After Reporting The Colorado Shooter’s Non-Binary Identity (VIDEO)

It was pretty clear that Camerota didn’t believe the shooter was identifying as non-binary and this was a tactic to dodge the hate crime charge.

It was made obvious when Camerota violated the Cardinal Rule of radical gender ideology — she “misgendered” the suspect by calling him “he” not even two minutes after reporting Aldrich uses they/them pronouns.

Camerota later doubled down and teed up at least one guest to deny Aldrich’s self-identification, which we have been reliably told is deeply “transphobic” and will cause people to commit suicide and is insulting to the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Shortly after breaking the news, Camerota had a transgender woman named Natalee Bingham who was a friend of Kelly Loving, one of the Club Q victims. Camerota asked what Bingham thought about Anderson Aldrich’s self-identification as non-binary.

Bingham’s response is fascinating.

“I think that’s complete [sic] ludicrous. I believe they’re just saying that because they wanna have the easy way out on this. That’s really, really offending,” began Natalee. “Especially being a transgender woman myself, that a male — which it was obvious with the mugshot that’s a man.”

“That’s not a non-binary person because in no way, shape, or form could they appear as a woman the next day,” said Natalee denying the “lived experience” of so many non-binary individuals. “It’s really offensive to even hear that — that they’re playing that role.”

“If they’re non-binary why would you go after the club where you feel safe at? Why would you do that to a community where you are welcomed in — if you are non-binary?” asks Natalee.

Where to begin with this?

There’s just so much going on here.

Let’s first deal with Natalee making a judgment on the authenticity of someone else’s gender identity.

For the past several years, the TQ+ activists — distinct from the LGB part of the LGBTQ — and even some medical professionals have insisted that you cannot question someone else’s self-identification — you must affirm it. They say that it doesn’t matter how someone presents themselves, either, the only imperative is to affirm and never question an individual’s stated gender identity. “Affirm, affirm, affirm!” they screech.

Where is Natalee getting this idea that a non-binary individual wants to identify as a man one day and a woman the next? That doesn’t make sense — all that would do is reaffirm that there actually is a gender binary, which, we have been told is dangerous rhetoric that “erases” the innumerable other genders that activists insist are out there. According to the TQ+ that kind of speech is “violence” and will drive people to suicide. It’s also probably what you might call enbyphobic — an irrational fear of non-binary people. (The shorthand N.B. or “enby” is sometimes used for non-binary identities.)

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I was under the impression that “non-binary” is not the same as “gender fluid” which is what Natalee seems to be conflating. A non-binary person doesn’t identify with either gender, while a gender fluid person’s gender can switch on a dime.

Of course, this could all be B.S. based on mental illness and rampant narcissism since the concept of differentiating sex and gender is rather new — it originated with feminist author Judith Butler in the 1940s — but who’s to say?

The most fascinating part is that Natalee says that you can tell someone’s gender identity just by looking at them.


That’s fascinating.

I did not know that.

That’s how it used to be when sex and gender were used interchangeably. Until recently, the gender “experts” explained that sex is biological and gender is some sort of ethereal thing — spiritual perhaps — a feeling or sense of self.

Of course, now the gender activists have evolved from that sort of transphobic nonsense and “transwomen are women” in both the biological and spiritual sense.

Bingham probably believes that he’s a woman in every sense of the word.

Natalee says that it’s “offensive” that the shooter would “play that role” in order to have an “easy way out” of the hate crime charge.

Sorry, Natalie, that doesn’t make sense. Hate crime or not, Aldrich is going to spend a very long time in prison for his horrific shooting spree. Calling himself non-binary isn’t going to matter one whit.

But it’s interesting that Natalee thinks that people can falsely self-identify into the LGB/TQ+ community.

It’s just awful when a very obvious man claims to be something that he isn’t and invades your private spaces, isn’t it?

Welcome to the club, hun.

Some women have been called some pretty nasty names and have been threatened with violence for saying similar things… by people that kinda look like Natalee.

This stunning revelation that a person’s gender identity is obvious because of the way that they look is spreading like wildfire on Twitter.

The activists won’t like it, but… women are women and transwomen are not, nor can they ever be women.

Self-identification doesn’t alter reality being a woman is more than just clothing, make-up, and a fear of spiders — it’s an experience. I am physically and experientially a woman. I was never not female even if I did love some “boyish” things like superhero comics, sci-fi, and catching frogs when I was a girl.

We are told that we are to accept all gender self-identification — even this one, which, admittedly could be satire, but how would we ever be able to know if it was?

Ok, I’m willing to concede that TransTransWomen are women, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

That’s perhaps more generous than Natalee would be if a woman claimed to be in the “transwoman” spot on the Oppression Hierarchy.

It should be interesting to see if some from the TQ+ call out Natalee for her dangerous speech — aka “violence” — to the non-binary community.

The rest of us “normies” will watch with some popcorn as the censorious mob eats its own.

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