HEY SCHUMER: Since You Suddenly Pretend To Care About Persecuted Jews… Watch THIS (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on December 1, 2022

Now that Kanye has gone off the deep end is talking like, well, so many elected Dems and their sketchy friends, it is politically fashionable (at the moment) to denounce antisemitism.

Lucky for them, they have an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is and speak up in the defense of Jewish people.

They do GENUINELY care about Jewish people, don’t they? Their pearl-clutching about Trump meeting with Kanye and that other guy wasn’t just a case of Dems flaunting bogus concern about morality in order to damage the brand of a political enemy. Right? RIGHT?

[Editor’s note: if left wing fact-checkers applied the same rules to stories about both parties, a ‘missing context’ flag would have pointed to the context given in McConnell’s denunciation of the same event: If Only McConnell Hated The Left’s Agenda As Much As He Hates Some Republicans…]

We’re all familiar with the Dem’s age-old tactic of adopting morality of convenience, aren’t we?

Like the 5 minutes in which they used the Women’s March as a club against Trump — until they realized how many people on their team were getting taken out by MeToo allegations. Even Juanita’s rape allegations against Bill Clinton were accepted as probably true… but not until it was ‘safe’ to throw Bill under the same bus that ran over Harvey Weinstein.

Democrats have activated their unearned moral superiority once again. This time, they are pretending to ride to the heroic defense of Jewish people… in their kneecaping of a certain Donald Trump.

Hey Dems — you showed up just in time.

Here’s a chance for you to prove you are something more than just cynical slactivists flying a bogus flag of tolerance in a ruse to attack political opponents. Someone from UN Watch is trying to get attention for an important cause, and it just happens to feature Jewish people.

You haven’t already moved on from caring about injustices and Jewish people … have you?

The UN is scrutinizing Israel for allegations of apartheid involving their treatment of Arabs and Palestinians … and the question is raised — who is the real perpetrator of apartheid?

Jewish people onced lived throughout the Middle East, with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in various neighboring countries. The nation of Israel has multi-ethnic representation among their elected representatives, the professions, and even their Supreme Court. But is that same approach reciprocated among their non-Jewish neighbors? Are Jews similarly welcomed into full participation within the neighboring nations?

Here’s the longer video referenced in the Tweet above to give some much-needed context for the scope of investigation of the UN’s so-called Human Rights Commission.

There’s a REASON Nikki Haley fish-slapped these punks into the stone age.

Nikki Haley Puts Corrupt UN Human Rights Council On Notice, US Withdrawing Until…

Haley slapped them around like the skinny kid who got stuffed into lockers in middle school precisely because the UN Human Rights is a dishonest racket. That’s obvious once you see which countries have members on the council and which countries have been the target of their condemnation.

Will elected Democrats — who care so deeply about the Jewish people and antisemitism — add their voices to the UN Watchdog in this clip calling for answers about where all the Jews went in those other Middle Eastern countries?

Or are they every inch the fraud we thought they were?

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