New FDA Study Casts Doubt On Safety … But Feds Won’t Pull The Jab

Written by Wes Walker on December 19, 2022


One of the Doctors Twitter had been censoring for much of the pandemic, because he didn’t march lockstep with our Government narrative, is calling for a moratorium on the administration of the vaccine.

Dr. Peter McCullough, chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, told The Epoch Times via email that the new paper “corroborates the concerns of doctors that the large uptick in blood clots, progression of atherosclerotic heart disease, and blood disorders is independently associated with COVID-19 vaccination.” — EpochTimes

Imagine if we’d been permitted to freely discuss the risks associated with using untested medication or early signs of symptoms we were NOT being told about?

Who could guess what different outcomes might have sprung out of the free flow of information? We cannot measure the what-if’s, but we can measure real-world consequences of the choices we have made.

That includes the collection of data around those who did get the Pfizer Poke. The data was part of a study published on Dec 1 with a sample size of 17.4 million elderly Americans, 24.6 vaccine doses between the time vaccines first became available in Dec 2020 through to January of this year. The journal the study was published in is called ‘Vaccine’.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has been linked to blood clotting in older individuals, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
FDA researchers, crunching data from a database of elderly persons in the United States, found that pulmonary embolism—blood clotting in the lungs—met the initial threshold for a statistical signal and continued meeting the criteria after a more in-depth evaluation.
Three other outcomes of interest—a lack of oxygen to the heart, a blood platelet disorder called immune thrombocytopenia, and another type of clotting called intravascular coagulation—initially raised red flags, researchers said. More in-depth evaluations, such as comparisons with populations who received influenza vaccines, showed those three as no longer meeting the statistical threshold for a signal.
…The FDA said it was not taking any action on the results because they do not prove the vaccines cause any of the four outcomes, and because the findings “are still under investigation and require more robust study.”
Epoch Times

Imagine how different our situation would be if we had moved cautiously, making the vaccine available to high-risk people who were concerned about the side-effects, while allowing people with lower risks and few comorbidites to hold off until we had a fuller picture of side effects.

Wouldn’t that have been better than strongarming people and throwing them out of careers over a treatment that failed to deliver on the two promises that supposeldy justified the mandate? Transmission is not prevented, nor does the vaccine provide immunity to contracting the WuFlu.

But no. Our government and media turned that fear dial up to eleven, and threw a cone of silence on anyone who called anyone to live with even a thimble’s worth of courage.

Have we learned our lesson yet? Or will we let the jackboots play the same games with our freedoms the next time they have an agenda to push?

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