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Pathologists Studied Autopsy Results Of Post-Jab Heart Attack Deaths — Here’s What They Found


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As macabre as it might be, one thing you can say about an autopsy, there isn’t a lot of guesswork, compared to other medical disciplines.

When the patient is dead, the severity is not up for debate. If the death can be traced back to heart issues, the suspect list just got a lot shorter.

And if you have twenty-five people in otherwise good health who suddenly drop dead at home … within a month after getting a certain mandatory medical procedure?

Now you’ve got a mystery on your hands. You start looking for relevant data points — especially if those data points exist across the sample group and point to anything of medical significance.

A study in Germany began with 35 instances of people who were found dead in their homes. After ruling out 10 instances with mundane health explanations for their deaths, they still had a sample group of 25 individuals who met the criteria of particular interest for a study of pathology.

In light of significant heart issues that have been associated with ‘The Jab’, they wanted to examine the hearts of people who died within a month of receiving the vaccine. The study (link here) consisted of leading pathologists, was peer reviewed, and has been published in a reputable journal.

In every conventional sense of the term, this is a confirmed scientific study. And it fills in some significant gaps in what we have know about risks to cardiac function associated with the vaccine. The study itself included a provocative little ‘graphical abstract’.

Here is Dr. John Campbell taking the complexities of the study — including images taken of heart cell biopsies from microscope slides — and explains the significance of the data points that connect the stories.

Here is a partial list of what was found in that study, the significance of which is explained in the video.

Various descriptions of inflamation, heart tissue damage, the presence of inflammatory white blood cells in places (localized accumulations in multiple foci) on the heart where they should not normally be found. These damage points would potentially destabilize the electrical function of the heart and could disrupt heart rhythm.

An inspection of biopsies taken from the jab site in the deltoid muscle (study fig. 3) found similar evidence of tissue inflamation to what was found in figures 1 and 2.

In three cases, the overall autopsy findings, in particular presence of (epi-)myocarditis in combination with the absence of other plausible causes of death (especially pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, severe brain infarction or bleeding, other cardiac disease), together with the close temporal association with the vaccination event lead to the conclusion that vaccination was the likely cause of (epi-)myocarditis and that this cardiac affection was the cause of sudden death. For case 5, myocarditis was considered to be the cause of death as well, but the detection of HHV6, even in low viral copy numbers provided an alternative explanation for the presence of myocarditis. With regard to the question of a fatal AEFI, case 5 was therefore classified as “possible”. For case 3 no other cause for the inflammatory infiltration was found, but the infiltrate was discrete and mainly observed in the pericardial fat. Thus, case 3 was categorized as possible AEFI as well.

No comparable evidence of myocardial inflammatory infiltration has been evident in the last 20 years at the hospital conducting the study.

Based on the autopsy findings and all available data, no other cause of death except (epi-)myocarditis was identified in any of the cases presented here. Hence, myocarditis has to be considered the likely cause of death.

Of note, it has been recently reported that intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is able to induce an acute (epi-) myocarditis in a preclinical model

The study is not very long, and anyone with familiarity with medical terminology should be able to follow much of the study’s details.

For anyone else, Dr. Campbell’s breakdown of it is a subperb analysis that would leave any layman feeling he had a decent grasp of the main ideas.

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