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TECH TYRANNY: Latest Twitter Files Drop Implicates ALL Fed Agencies, Big Tech And … Joe Biden

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? This Christmas Eve and Matt Taibbi just ripped the mask off of a whole nest of corruption. It was never *just* the FBI and Twitter. It was SO much more…

The FBI was so busy trying to destroy their political enemies, it never occurred to them they were providing a paper trail to map out exactly who the big players in the Deep State were, and just how deep the corruption goes.

In keeping with the Chrismas theme, here’s a line from one of our most beloved Christmas movies:

The miracle was the hubris and incompetence of leaving so much evidence laying around for any honest broker to hang them with.

Maybe because THEY were so corrupt… they expect everyone else would be, too. Which explains why our Corrupt FBI merch is so popular.


[Yes, it’s a shameless plug, but it’s how we keep the lights on without throwing up one of those annoying paywalls.]

Matt Taibbi just dropped another HUGE thread of juicy details about the Twitter Corruption.

#47 is especially juicy. #16 & #17, too.
And #13 is almost certain to be cited in future lawsuits.

Merry Christmas to everyone but those implicated in this corrupt mess of Anti-American authoritarianism.

ClashDaily covered the FBI’s statement here:

FBI Responds To TwitterFiles Allegations Of Involvement In Censorship On The Platform


Elon Smoked The Old Twitter Bird

ClashDaily’s Big Dawg has put his own spin on what’s been going down on the ol’ Bird App — the old Twitter is dead and Elon is building a new one.

Check out Doug’s latest piece, ‘Elon Smoked The Old Twitter Bird.’

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