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Wokescolds Censor 1970s Johnny Mathis Christmas Classic For Alleged ‘Racist’ Lyrics


The sensitive souls policing our language are setting their sights on decades-old Christmas songs. Oh, goody!

You’d think that they wouldn’t complain about a song by Johnny Mathis since he is a black man, but perhaps the hypersensitive wokescolds don’t realize that since they heard the song on the radio.

Two radio stations in the United Kingdom have decided to censor “When A Child Is Born” after listeners complained about the “racist language” in the song that was the number one Christmas song in Great Britain in 1976 and spent 3 weeks at the top of the Christmas charts that same year.

Radio stations have censored the lyrics of When a Child is Born after listeners branded a verse in Johnny Mathis’ classic Christmas song as racist…
…News that radio stations will be censoring When a Child is Born comes just two weeks after Radio 2 announced it would censored version of The Pogues’s classic song Fairytale Of New York for the first time this holiday season.
When a Child is Born was written in the early 70s but was made popular by Mr Mathis in December 1976 when the song spent three weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart.
It was also the number one Christmas song in Great Britain that year.
But now, the popular holiday hit will be censored on some radio stations, despite listeners arguing the song is ‘just a product of its time.’
Source: Daily Mail

The offensive part was apparently the spoken portion of the song where Mathis speaks about race in a very 70s way.

Here’s what Mathis says,

And all this happens because the world is waiting–waiting for one child. Black, white, yellow, no one knows. But a child that would grow up and turn tears to laughter, hate to love, war to peace, and everyone to everyone’s neighbor. And misery and suffering will be words to be forgotten forever.

The Sun reports that “yellow” has been cut out on Heart FM and Magic Radio.

Theological issues aside, (God had promised that Jesus would be a descendant of David, so we know he’d be Jewish,) the sentiment is a beautiful one — it didn’t matter what race Jesus was when He became flesh and dwelt among us, and that his birth, life, death, and resurrection are significant for everyone no matter who they are.

But the fragile speech police just can’t get past the word “yellow” as a reference to Asians while they constantly lecture about the plight of “black and brown” people and demonize white people. They’re not offended by the use of color in those cases.

Here is the lovely Johnny Mathis Christmas song that is a classic to millions. In the video, it shows that Mathis is much more charitable than his critics.

The perpetually offended wonder why we call them snowflakes.

This, guys. This is why.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the wokescolds tried to go after “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”… but it sort of boomeranged.

Let’s hope the same thing happens with this song.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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