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DAVOS WATCH: Here’s The 411 On What’s Going On At The WEF’s Annual Meeting 2023

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the gathering of elites in Davos, Switzerland.

Real-Life Bond Villain™ Klaus Shwab’s NEWEST Vision

You’ve heard about the “Great Reset”, living in a pod, eating the bugs, and “owning nothing but being happy”… but have you heard of the Borderless Virtual Global Village in the Metaverse run by the all-wise and all-powerful WEF overlords?


Is It Still A Conspiracy If They’re Saying It Openly?

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari used the phrase “new world order” at a panel discussion titled “The New Helsinki”, a reference to the Helsinki Final Act of 1975, an international agreement signed by 35 countries agreeing on issues including sovereign equality, peaceful settlement of disputes and territorial integrity.

Prior to Minister Zardari’s speech, Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tanja Fajon, lamented the polarization in the world and that some countries are putting their own interests ahead of the “global order” citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an example.

Here is part of what Minister Fajon was saying:

Of course, you know that if a certain Bad Orange Man was still in the White House, they’d be whining about his “America First” approach is akin to the policies of that guy from Germany back in the late 1930s with the Charlie Chaplin mustache.

TPUSA’s Drew Hernandez was called a “conspiracy theorist” by Newsweak — sorry, Newsweek for… *checks notes*… recording videos of these Davos VIPs speaking and posting them on the internet.

The WEF Lizard People Want You To Stop Eating Meat

You need to stop eating meat to save the planet… but you can bet that they’re not going to give up their private jets and yachts anytime soon.

Wave The Flag, Bigot!

Someone from the Rainbow Mafia panel discusses the subversion of conservative values and constitutions to force people to accept their agenda.

One member of the panel has confirmed that the gay-ing and trans-ing of Hollywood will continue because it’s working so well.

Get Ready To Become Big Pharma’s Pincushion

Former British PM Tony Blair accidentally says the quiet part out loud about vaccines as an “opportunity to make big changes in the health of the world”…

….and digital tracking using vaccines and “public health” as the excuse.

Coming Soon! Another COVID-Like Emergency

While there have been epidemics over the years, the last time a virus swept the world on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic was the Spanish Flu at the beginning of the 20th century.

Nevertheless, the “experts” are predicting another global emergency within the next 15 years.

Speaking of predictions by the WEF “experts”…

A Major Cyber Attack Is Coming

Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director & Head of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, said that the “experts” are predicting a “catastrophic cyber event” is likely in the next two years.

So, that’s a COVID-scale problem and a catastrophic cyber attack by 2038.

But hey, don’t worry about those digital ids… the governments have it covered. It’s just not good news for you if you like freedom.

The Climate Catastrophe King Speaks

Of course, you can’t talk about global catastrophe without the Climate Fearmonger himself, the Always Wrong™ Al Gore, who went off on one heck of a rant about his favorite subject… anthropogenic climate change.

He also admitted that Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” is primarily a climate act.

That must be music to Climate Czar John Kerry’s alien ears since he said that “money, money, money, money, money, money, money” is what will be needed for the elites to save the world.

Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Says It’s ‘Almost Extra Terrestrial’ That Global Elites Gather To Discuss Saving The Planet

It’s just not their money that they’re willing to part with.

Government Colluding With The Private Sector Is Good, Actually

For some reason, FBI Director Christopher Wray was at the WEF gathering in Davos, and he was lauding the cooperation between the private sector and the FBI. We know about that collusion — we read the Twitter Files — but most of us disagree that it’s a good thing.

In related news…

Don’t Worry… The Government Will Make Decisions For You

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

But all of that might not matter, anyway, since almost a third of the globe will live in “uninhabitable zones” because of climate change.

(These guys really like their predictions, don’t they?)

The ‘Disinformation’ Panel

Controlling so-called disinformation is really important to the Davos elites. As the turtle-looking Schwab says, it’s imperative that his acolytes — which he brags have “penetrated the cabinets worldwide”– overcome resistance to their globalist/WEF agendas.

It seems the WEF was making sure to show that they are serious about disinformation by putting some of the most aggressive disinformation peddlers on the same stage.

As if this entire WEF thing wasn’t absurd enough, the panel discussing disinformation was moderated by… the Eunuch Potato himself, Brian Stelter, and featured A.G. Sulzberger, the chairman and publisher of the Russiagate hoax-pushing New York Times.

Sulzberger says that when the NYTimes make mistakes, they acknowledge them in public and correct them. Oh, really? When did the paper publicly acknowledge that they were wrong about Trump colluding with Russia and returning the Pulitzer they won for their Russiagate reporting? How about their fantasy 1619 Project that was stealth-edited and widely criticized by historians? Did they ever apologize for that?

Speaking of disinformation…

Trudeau’s Number Two Waxes On About The Importance Of Democracy

This is pretty rich after she was the one who announced the federal government was freezing Canadians’ bank accounts when Trudeau invoked what were essentially war measures to clear the truckers peacefully protesting vaccine mandates aka. the Bouncy Castle Insurrection of 2022.

But it wasn’t all just lecturing, hectoring, predictions, and hypocrisy.

The elites also wanted to kick back, relax, and have fun in the remote, ski town.

The Lizard People Were Entertained

Israeli singer Achinoam Nini, who incidentally, advocated for stripping Israelis who didn’t want to take the Pfizer jabs of their rights, “performed” at the WEF and it was… rather fitting. 

These globalist elites are just so very, very weird.

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