John Kerry’s Buddies In Iran Sent Warships To The Panama Canal — Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on January 12, 2023


Is THIS what John Kerry meant when he was having backchannel conversations with Iranian officials during the Trump years, promising things would be ‘different’ when Trump was gone?

Yikes. What would Kerry do for an encore? Another crisis on the Suez Canal? Maybe a nuclear missile crisis in Cuba?

Word must have gotten out that Joe Biden is a paper tiger. Now even Iran has slipped its leash and wandered into our neck of the woods… with their warships.

Reports are that Iran has made a move to intimidate a critical American trade route.

Keep in mind, this is the same Iran that made waves recently because they were engaged in acts of piracy, hijacking foreign ships sailing on trade routes in the Persian Gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Here is what is being said about their presence at the Panama Canal.

Iran’s navy is set to station warships for the first time in the Panama Canal, a critical trade route in America’s backyard that has never before seen an Iranian military presence.
Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the commander of Iran’s navy, said on Wednesday that his forces will establish a presence in the Panama Canal later this year, marking the first time Iran’s military has entered the Pacific Ocean.
Iran in recent years has placed a greater focus on moving its military into Latin American territories as it strengthens relations with anti-American dictators in the region, most notably in Venezuela. Iranian vessels have docked more frequently in Venezuela as Tehran’s hardline regime seeks to prop up dictator Nicolás Maduro. These moves are meant to provoke the United States and signal that Tehran has the ability to station its military apparatus a stone’s throw from U.S. territory.
Joseph Humire, a national security analyst who focuses on Latin American issues as executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society think tank, said Iran has been laying the groundwork for this type of voyage by holding joint exercises with allies such as Russia and China, two nations that have also been strengthening their ties with Latin American countries. — Washington Free Beacon

Surely this is an innocent visit, right? We are, after all, talking about the best buddies of Obama/Biden/Kerry.

Yeah, sure.

And this story from a couple of days ago is ‘probably nothing’.

US Navy forces recently intercepted a fishing vessel smuggling thousands of AK-47 rifles from Iran to Yemen, the US military said on Tuesday.
The vessel, which was crewed by six Yemeni nationals, was sailing through the Gulf of Oman on January 6 when it was caught, US 5th Fleet said in a statement. A team from the patrol coastal ship USS Chinook discovered and boarded the ship with support from fellow Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Monsoon and the guided-missile destroyer USS The Sullivans. Navy forces found that the ship was carrying 2,116 AK-47 assault rifles.–Business Insider

But that’s not all the ‘death to America’ chanters have in mind.

Iran’s goal “has always been to have a military presence in Latin America, so it’s not surprising at all for its navy to announce it’s going to make moves on the Panama Canal,” Humire said, noting that in addition to Venezuela and Nicaragua, Iran has opened relations with Colombia.
“This is a tremendous escalation if it is to happen,” Humire said. “Many people may discount Iran in terms of its capabilities … but I would not discount it because they have been building to this for a very long time.”

The world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism hanging out a stone’s throw from Biden’s broken border. What could possibly go wrong?

This kind of belligerence has been made possible, in part, because Joe Biden’s energy policy has slashed US production of energy, driving up its value. Iran has aligned itself with China, Russia, and the more Communist-friendly South American countries like Venezuela.

Simply put, Trump’s bellicose language regularly kept foreign leaders on their toes. They were never sure what he would do. He was seen as many things, but a paper tiger was not one of them.

In a situation like this, for example, it would be easy enough for him to say we still have a score to settle with the USS Cole, and — unless they remove their piratical asses from our shipping lanes, we will reserve the right to take payment in kind, a ship for a ship, with no further notice given

What would Joe Biden do about it? He’d probably do the same thing he does with everybody else:
try to buy Iran’s cooperation with that magical, ‘infinite’ taxpayer money.

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