Pfizer Exec’s MELTDOWN When He Knows He’s BUSTED Is The Stuff Of Legend (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 27, 2023


Yesterday, ClashDaily reported (with a handy transcript) what the executive said on hidden camera about Pfizer playing with COVID DNA.

In this clip, watching the realization dawn on Pfizer Executive Jordan Trishtan Walker that life as he knows it is officially over is almost like watching a timelapse video of the five stages of grief– minus the acceptance phase.

There’s the disbelief when he realizes that the man he thought he was dating was actually just a journalist getting a scoop. ‘Is this real?’

Then there’s the denial as he desperately tries to wish away all the things he’s said on video.

‘I’m literally a liar! I was trying to impress a person on a date!’

From his perspective, whether it was true, or just BS changes nothing. He’s just as screwed either way. Pfizer now knows that he doesn’t take non-disclosure seriously and this probably meets a threshold for his being fired with cause. Good luck on his finding a ‘safe landing’ in any related field, now.

Walker got angry. He called the police. He gave excuses. He whined about trust issues. He played the race card. He had management lock the door so Project Veritas could not leave. At one point, he even came at O’Keefe, destroying the iPad on which O’Keefe had been playing back Walker’s claims about Pfizer and genetic manipulation of the virus.

The funniest part in this video — besides the dead-calm reaction of the Project Veritas crew in contrast to Jordan Walker’s histrionics — was the fact that the police were asking THEM whether they wanted to press charges on Walker.

Nothing the police would do to him could come anywhere close to the retribution he can expect from Pfizer’s cadre of supporters who have now identified one of their own as an existential threat.

And he knows it.

Sometimes, justice really IS poetic.

Insanity like this just proves we were right all along in the stand we’ve taken through the whole pandemic. We ‘Stand against white coat supremacy‘. And we always will.

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