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Two Corpses A Day: Ted Cruz BLASTS Biden Over The Broken Border Photo Op (VIDEO)


Biden was ready to shed real tears over a defamatory lie about Border Patrol ‘whipping’ illegal immigrants. But when a few hundred die in a year, that’s not a crisis.

It should go without saying that one of the big differences between crossing into a country through a lawful port of entry versus hiring criminal cartels to shepherd you illegally over the border is one of safety.

People arriving in an orderly fashion and presenting their passports to officials at an established border crossing tend not to be swept down the current of a river, or have their bones picked clean by scavengers on some trackless mountain or in an empty stretch of desert.

And that is to say nothing about the issue of the violence and exploitation inflicted directly by the criminal cartels themselves.

Joe Biden made a show of visiting the border last weekend. Most likely, that was to check off a box as he pretends to shift toward ‘center’ ahead of a possible attempt at re-election.

Ted Cruz, back from a holiday break he spent with his family and returning to his podcast, ripped Joe a new one. You’d almost get whiplash from trying to keep up with the left’s narrative: There was no crisis. But now that non-existent crisis is magically solved.

And all the toadies in the networks will happily carry his water in this issue. What will they NOT talk about? For all the pearl-clutching over those ‘kids in cages’, there is nary a tear being shed for a line of body bags being filled up at the border, to the tune of 800 a year.

For anyone wanting the full context, the full half-hour podcast can be seen here:

It doesn’t take a math major to figure out that 800 bodies in a year works out to more than two deaths a day. That blood is on Joe and Kamala’s hands.

So much for being the party of ‘compassionate concern’ for the well-being of foreigners fleeing here for a better life. It’s hardly a ‘better life’ if you die in the crossing is it?

These are the people whose war chests those illegal border crossers have been funding:

Fourteen Killed In Cartel Prisonbreak On Mexican Border

And if it’s not a ‘crisis’, why did even the UN started speaking up about the body count as of last summer which was (when last we checked) BEFORE the midterms?

UN Migrants Org Awards Biden’s Broken Border THIS Dubious Distinction

Gee, maybe there’s a reason conservatives treat Joe like the laughingstock he is:

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