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VIDEO: Bad Lip Reading Reveals What Gaetz And McCarthy Were ACTUALLY Saying After Failed 14th Speaker Vote

It all makes sense now…

As the battle for House Speaker dragged on for days, many people were frustrated that the process was taking so long with what seemed to be an obvious outcome.

However, conservatives should console themselves that at least the House of Representatives was so preoccupied for a few days that they couldn’t do anything that was going to cost more taxpayer money… and probably send it to Ukraine.


The 20 GOP holdouts managed to squeeze some actual changes that will be good for America in their haggling with Kevin McCarthy & Co.

But things did get tense on the 14th ballot when Florida’s “firebrand” Congressman Matt Gaetz voted “present” instead of throwing his vote behind McCarthy as he had apparently promised he would. This move left McCarthy one vote short and went to the final round of voting… but not before a dustup in the House.

Gaetz’s antics in the 14th ballot of the marathon speakership contest led to a stunning scene on the House floor as McCarthy slowly walked up the gallery steps to confront the Florida lawmaker with an icy stare.
The two spoke animatedly for roughly a minute, with lawmakers huddled around them, as Gaetz pointed his finger at McCarthy during the tense exchange.
McCarthy walked away in disgust, but turned back around and approached him again as the tensions continued to boil.
Adding to the wild scene, Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama had to be restrained by Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina as he appeared to lunge angrily toward Gaetz.
Source: New York Post

Bad Lip Reading did their best to figure out what was being said, and as usual, it was hilarious.

Ok, so maybe it’s not accurate… but it’s pretty funny!

The video has been viewed over 7 million times and has over 100K likes.

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It wasn’t the only video out there speculating what they were saying.

If you’re a fan of sports commentary, you’ll like this one:



So, is this hostility going to continue on?

Rep. Matt Gaetz says… nah. The GOP will work together, but there might be contentions when different factions of the party disagree.

Rep. Gaetz says that this kind of stuff happens sometimes but we’re just not accustomed to seeing it.

The content creators must be hoping that CSPAN keeps those cameras in the House — these videos are great fodder for more videos.

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