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CDN Sniper Talks About World-Record Shot On US Podcast — But THAT’S Not Why Canada’s Military Wants It Silenced

It’s no secret that Canada is a seriously messed-up country. But this is a new low, even for Blackface Hitler.

Nobody’s under any serious illusion that Canada takes the rights of its citizens seriously. Even today, their government is announcing that the jackboot suspension of rights during the trucker protest was ‘justified’.

But the Canadian military playing the ‘classified’ card in trying to override the Second Amendment rights of an American podcaster just because they don’t like what a retired special forces sniper said about his unit’s record kill shot? That’s a new low.

Shawn Ryan (retired Navy Seal) had Dallas Alexander (retired Joint Task Force 2) on a podcast which included footage of someone in JTF2 taking the world’s longest-ever lethal sniper shot. The podcast ALSO included conversation in which he spoke about the Canadaian military kicking him to the curb because he refused the Covid shot.

At issue is the ‘why’ behind Canada’s military demanding the podcast be taken down.

For anyone wondering, JTF2 is Canada’s elite fighting forces, sometimes collaborating with Delta Force, Navy Seals and similar allied groups.

Shawn Ryan posted his own explanaion for pulling the podcast episode down, here:

Right off the top, he explains the he believes this to be motivaed not by the preservation of classified information, but because they were trying to suppress the conversation about his firing.

And you have to admit, firing a commander of the group boasting the title of longest successful sniper shot because he wouldn’t roll up his sleeve and take a shot in the arm — especially in light of how ineffective the vaccine really was — makes the Canadian military’s leadership look especially pathetic.

A national paper based in Canada’s capitol reported this:

The military confirmed it never authorized publication of the video and it was looking into how the JTF2 imagery was released into the public domain.
Ryan, who is in Tennessee, later posted on Twitter that he had pulled the video, but it had already been copied and shared on other social-media sites.
In the podcast, Alexander described his conversation with another JTF2 member named Josh who was on his sniper team in Iraq. He told Ryan the bullet travelled around 10 seconds before it struck the gunman. JTF2 commandos could be heard cheering on the video once the man was hit by the bullet.
The Canadian Forces has previously acknowledged a special forces sniper conducted the shot from more than 3,500 metres away, but it has declined to release any further information. The shot is considered a world record for a sniper. JTF2 continually refuses to acknowledge many aspects of its operations and equipment, claiming the release of such information could help enemy forces. –OttawaCitizen

But CTV news (also Canadian) told a different story.

The Canadian military sent Shawn Ryan (the American podcaster and retired Navy Seal) a cease-and-desist letter citing ‘national security, national defense, and foreign relations’. Unauthorized use, they claimed, amounts to ‘copyright infringement’. An unconventional argument, to be sure.

But unlike the original Ottawa Citizen story, CTV asked Alexander about the incident. Here’s what he had to say about it.

In a phone interview with CTV News, Alexander said he was a member of JTF2 for 14 years. He clarified that he did not take the “kill shot” but said that he consulted with “numerous” military members before making the video public. He says he also consulted with the three other snipers, who were with him in Iraq.
Alexander said before being released from the force he also reached out to the chain of command at the Department of National Defence to tell them that he wanted to use the photos and videos he acquired in his time with the elite unit on his social media platforms.
“I told them I would vet every single post, blur something, change the word. I was told that a public affairs officer would reach out to me – but no one did,” said Alexander, 39, from near Jasper, Alta., where he is on a ski holiday.
“So to me it seemed like they didn’t care,” said the ex-sniper whose career with the Canadian Forces spanned approximately 17 years. — CTV

As for the claim that this clip was in some way ‘classified’ the American podcaster had this to say:

“They did a press release, while the JTF2 still had operators in the exact same sniper hide(away) that they took the shot from,” says Ryan, pointing out that in July 2017 the Canadian military boasted about the incident in media interviews.
“Just to brag about the world’s longest sniper shot — they should have waited until those operators had been extracted from the site. If it’s classified it doesn’t make sense to me.”

The Canadian Armed Forces can’t really do much about it. Even if they decided to press the issue and take this issue further, Ryan is only answerable to AMERICAN laws.

Even under American laws we have the Pentagon Papers as a strong precedent.

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