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Have Mexican Drug Cartels Infiltrated US Politics, Possibly Even Elections? Sworn Testimony In Arizona Says ‘Yes’

Considering the gravity of last week’s hearings in Arizona, and the seriousness of the allegations, you’d think they’d be splashed all over the front pages of newspapers.

After all, how often do you hear testimony giving specific ‘chapter & verse’ for how a financial forensic investigator believes that foreign criminal cartels have managed to burrow like ticks into our political, educational, and economic systems to recreate in American communities the same systemic corruption we see in Mexican cities? Especially when one of our fifty state Governors is mentioned by name as being a beneficiary of that corruption?

That is one big takeaway from the Testimony given before the Oversight committee, as explained here:

Jacqueline Breger Drops Bombshell Allegation Of Cartel Connections at AZ Committee (VIDEO)

The other big takeaway is what all that corruption means for election security.

The Arizona Legislature’s Senate Elections Committee and House Municipal Oversight & Elections Committee held a joint hearing on Thursday featuring testimony from several people involved in researching the voter disenfranchisement that occurred in 2020 and 2022. The testimony by Arizona forensic investigator Jacqueline Breger accused multiple statewide and county officials, including Governor Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, of racketeering connected to the Sinaloa Cartel. Democrats on those committees refused to attend the hearing.

Breger said she has been working with a law firm investigating multistate racketeering and corruption but in the process, discovered election fraud as well. She said neither she nor the attorney she works for, John Harris Thayer of Harris/Thayer Law Corporation, are very political; he didn’t vote in the last two elections, and she is a registered independent. While investigating racketeering involving the Sinaloa Cartel, their team accidentally discovered election fraud, she said, including finding that Maricopa County’s database was being infiltrated from the outside. –Tennessee Star

(Emphasis added.)

Here is a YouTube video of the testimony that Breger provided last week. The story we linked above covers something of a roadmap of what was said through various timestamps up to the point of the testimony in question.

The 11:45 mark though to about 19:40 describes some of what she discovered concerning election fraud, including:

– Manipulating elections since 2004 in Pima and Maricopa counties.
– infiltration of county databases
– bribes/infiltration affecting both local and wider election races and outcomes, including (but not limited to):
— principles at Runbeck Election Services
— Nov 3, 2020 election (Maricopa County recorder)
— Nov 8, 2022 election (governor, Secretary of State, and attorney general)

Alleged bribe recipients: (from 13:07-14:00)

Public officials who have received bribes include multi-state office holders, state house and state senate, local office holders, county supervisors, judges in the Maricopa Supreme Court, judges of some city courts including two presiding judges, judges assistants, prosecutors within certain cities within Maricopa County, Prosecutors for Maricopa County, peripheral legal specialists including attorneys, approved mental health care providers (as in quarter pointed advisors), and related specialists.

In the Superior Court of Maricopa County, and Pinal County, and Pima County, at least 25 percent of the active judges have accepted bribes in exchange for protecting the racketeering activities. Bribe payments generally begin before the individual is even appointed to the bench. Bribes are usually paid as an incentive for the attorney to leave their private practice.

If the name Runbeck rings a bell, here’s a screenshot from their website:

That’s right, the ‘principles’ in the company overseeing the election are among those accused of taking bribes in this testimony, and what was that about the judges …?

Some of the very cases that ruled against Kari Lake’s claims that irregularities in the process caused many voters on election day to be disenfranchised, were potentially decided by judges who are themselves alleged to be on the take, paid by people who are attempting to influence election outcomes.

That seems pretty newsworthy. If nothing else, our vaunted ‘Defenders of Democracy’ should be all over this. As they would be if only this story could be weaponized against a Republican.

The fact that this ISN’T top-of-fold headline news tells you everything you need to know about who’s implicated in these allegations… which Breger is happy to back up with evidence — her document itself runs about 300 pages with approximately 3000 attachments, including source documents, title deeds, handwriting samples and all the other interesting things you might expect a financial fraud expert to be looking into.

The prameters of their mandate didn’t originally include election fraud — they stumbled into it.

To give you a further sense of the content, here are various screenshots from later portions of the YouTube transcript.

Then, at 33:56: Mr Taylor would be himself presenting us information but there have been multiple attempts on his life.

And not just HIS life, either. Kari Lake’s daughter during the campaign, for one and another person was targeted six times.

Someone got touchy about allegations of elected officials on the take, even when none are indicated by name or party affiliation.

How thorough was this investigation? Thirty witnesses, several public officials, and 120k documents came together in the making of this report.

The Democrats never showed up for this hearing for some reason.

Why doo you suppose that might be?

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