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News Clash

Left’s Chinese Spy Balloon Lie Gets Shot Down Just As Hard As The Balloon Itself


The official narrative for the Chinese Spy balloon is evolving even faster than the Biden Classified Documents story.

Follow too closely with the left’s ever-changing Spy Balloon story and you face a real risk of getting whiplash.

Is it a threat? Is it a commonplace event? Is Biden the REAL decisive President while Trump is a gutless sellout? That ultimately depends on which story the Biden people have flipped to next.

At one point, once the balloon had crossed over to the Atlantic and was finally shot down, the narrative-makers decided to buff up the Aviator shades and Corvette driving version of Biden and frame Joe as Mr. Tough and Decisive.

The only way to get there after public denunciations of his waffling weaknesses would be to favorably compare him to Trump.

Lo and behold, we get a brand new story nobody has heard before, and a few of Biden’s media stenographers are more than happy to regurgitate it uncritically.

An actual journalist might wonder things like — when would those three times have been, specifically? Why didn’t we hear about them? What was said about them? Did anyone get it on film?

Then, as quickly as it came, it vanished. Gone like dew dissaperaring in the rays of the midmorning sun.

Someone in the Pentagon massaged the message:

After the Biden administration disclosed last week that a suspected Chinese spy balloon was hovering over Montana, the Pentagon said that similar balloon incidents had occurred during the Trump administration. In response, former Trump administration Defense Secretary Mark Esper told CNN on Friday that he was “surprised” by that statement.

As they offer ‘clarification’ of the supposed incursions during the Trump administration, they seem to take on the flavor of old trope about having a girlfriend but you wouldn’t know here because ‘she’s from Canada’.

John Bolton, a former national security adviser under Trump, also pushed back on the assertion that balloons surveilled the US during the former president’s tenure, asking, “Did the Biden administration invent a time machine? What is the basis of this new detection?” but added he would take a briefing from the current administration on the Trump-era balloon discoveries if it was offered to him.

“The very fact, if it is a fact, that the Chinese tried this before, should have alerted us and should have caused us to take action before the balloon crossed into American sovereign territory,” Bolton said Monday on “CNN This Morning.”

The Biden administration official now says the incidents were not discovered until after the Trump administration had already left. But the official did not say how those incidents were discovered or when.

Uh-huh. Sure.

That holds about as much water as the idea that shooting it down over the remotest parts of Alaska would be riskier than shooting it down over the busy shipping and fishing routes of the Eastern Seaboard.

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Wes Walker

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