SPEAKING CIRCUIT: Fauci’s Now Pocketing Profit ‘At The Speed Of Science’

Written by Wes Walker on February 6, 2023

When we see Little Lord Fauci in the news again, we remind our readers that we have Fauci Merch:

It must be because he is capital-S ‘Science’ in the flesh that this preening troll has the audacity to bill people $50k-$100k a shot for speaking engagements.

Not only is he billing that, but he’s getting gigs. He’s scheduled to do the commencement address at the Yale School of Medicine.

One wonders if he will fact-check and contradict his own keynote speeches halfway through the same way he would periodically contradict his own medical advice throughout his ‘heroic’ role as the Covid Panic Czar.

A quick recap on who exactly it is these people are celebrating. Under more normal circumstances, any of the following failures or malfeasances would be enough to ‘cancel’ someone.

Wrong on AIDS… and personally contributed to the ‘othering’ of sufferers:

Meaningless animal abuse:

Broken promises on vaccine results:

Abuse of power to silence criticism:

So why is he so richly rewarded?

Our best guess: ‘services rendered’ in helping push the nation further in the direction of blind compliance to government edicts.

Gratitude for the instrumental role he played in deep-sixing Trump probably doubled his rates.

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