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Two Latest Biden Docs Revelations Are The OPPOSITE Of ‘Transparency’


If your brand consists of ‘transparency’ and ‘trust’, it’s never a good look to have an ever-changing story rife with contradictions. But, like it or not, that’s what we’re stuck with.

The guy who wrote ‘No Malarkey’ on his campaign bus as an aw-shucks brand differentiator versus lifelong deal-maker and hype-man Donald Trump has a problem on his hands going into Primary season.

Apparently, Joe wants to win re-election. But that carefully-crafted brand is crumbling in a hurry.

The opposite side of that bus touted a slogan, ‘soul of the nation’. On reflection, it might just as easily have said ‘the secrets of the nation’ — because that seems to be what’s at stake here.

Joe’s DOJ broke with every historical convention by whipping up public angst to white-hot rage over by way of an incredibly public handling of a Trump document ownership situation that could easily have been resolved in the courts and initiating a dubious criminal investigation into the current President’s chief political rival, just in time to run the Mega Maga is a threat to the nation narrative a month or two ahead of midterm Elections.

Now, we’re seeing a very different handling of Joe Biden’s personal document situation.

Classified documents showed up in Biden’s possession days before that same election. But we heard nothing about it.

Feds went through Bidens’ UPenn think tank office. But that is NOT how the facts were originally reported, remember? We were told, from the White House podium, that Biden’s lawyers happened upon some important-looking documents and then asked for advice from someone in authority on how they should proceed.

No mention of any Mar-A-Lago style search with guns drawn and lights flashing for journalists and TV cameras for journos to drive the news cycle. And yet… Mr. Transparency left some important details out of the earlier tellings.

The FBI searched President Joe Biden’s former office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington in November, according to a person familiar with the matter, at least a week after his personal lawyers first found classified records there from his time as vice president.
The discovery of the documents at the office blocks away from the U.S. Capitol led to a search of Biden’s homes, including his residence in Wilmington, Delaware, where lawyers and federal agents found additional classified documents in December and January. It was not immediately clear whether the FBI search of Biden’s office — which was conducted voluntarily, without a search warrant — uncovered additional classified documents beyond those found on Nov. 2 by Biden’s attorneys. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a law enforcement action.
News of the FBI search is the latest uncomfortable development for Biden, who pledged to turn the page on the norm- and rule-breaking tenure of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Now, after Biden has had months to sit on the evidence, or to relocate anything that might be considered ‘problematic’, the Feds have finally wandered over to have a look-see at the only location associated with Biden’s name that has NOT announced the presence of improperly-stored documents dating all the way back to his days as a Senator.

The FBI searched President Joe Biden’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Wednesday morning amid ongoing classified documents investigations, two sources familiar with the situation told NBC News.
A third source familiar with the matter said no warrant was involved and the search was consensual. It is unclear whether FBI agents were looking for something they know about or if it was a broad search for more classified documents.
Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, said in a statement that the Department of Justice was conducting the search with Biden’s full support and cooperation.

If Biden had not worked so hard to weaponize this issue against Trump, it might have been quietly solved for both Presidents.

But Biden/Garland had to make it into a federal issue.

Now it’s a race to reclaim credibility — the Feds have to pretend they take this issue seriously while minimizing any actual damage to Biden, despite ‘inconvenient’ information like this they will have to contend with.

Garland has to satisfy oversight that he really is an even-handed honest cop, just following the evidence wherever it takes him… backfilling the problem areas with plausible excuses.

And Joe? Well, we’re about to find out if the powerful allies who ‘fortified’ the election to help him be the sockpuppet for their political agenda still think he has any political usefulness.

If the media starts circling him like sharks around a whale carcass, suddenly ‘discovering’ and reporting on his flaws and failures — it’s a sure bet that whoever is calling the shots in their power games has turned the page on old Joe.

Maybe the GOP should run on this slogan:

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Wes Walker

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