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Don’t You DARE Share This Hilarious J6 Meme — It Upsets Dems And RINOs (VIDEO)

Dems, specifically, and the Uniparty generally have their knickers in a twist over Tucker making security footage publicly available.

Imagine how upset they will be when that same video is packaged in exactly the kind of format most likely go to viral — humor.

An account by the name of Steven Voice Over took Tucker’s J6 footage showing some of the more benign and exculpatory footage (especially footage of the guy famous for wearing the Viking horns) and does exactly what you would expect from an account with ‘voice over’ in the name.

He did a parody video of someone making various PA announcements to the attendees of the day’s events as though he were any typical anodyne PA announcer guiding guest through scheduled events in any large public building — a Museum, say or maybe a Train terminal.

You’re going to need the sound on to be in on the jokes here.

The attention to detail he put into keeping this gag going was nothing less than amazing. The climbing wall. The award given for best costume — and then the prize they offered? Pamphlets. Gift shop. Clean up after yourself. Music and light refreshments?

This was amazing.

World-class cheeky troll that he is (probably the real reason he was interested in buying Twitter in the first place) Elon Musk saw that video tweeted out by it’s creator.

So he retweeted it.

Any retweet from an account as big as Elon’s would normally get a lot of attention to begin with. But Elon took it a step further.

He retweeted that video in reply to THIS tweet by Sen Schumer.

That means most people who see Schumer’s tweet about Trump will probably see Elon’s reply. The one asking if Schumer wants Twitter to remove a tweet.

Meaning people will become curious and may click on that tweet to see what the issue is… seeing videos the Democrats have been so very careful to keep out of the public view.

Pay attention folks, this is what top-tier trolling looks like.

This one trolling Kinzinger was filmed with someone’s personal phone rather than security camerias, so it wouldn’t be part of the security footage. But in some ways it’s better because it catches what the J6 participants are actually saying while they are IN the building, including the conversation between the Capitol Police and Jacob Anthony Chansley (the guy in the horns).

That conversation is something you will NEVER hear on the evening news.

The horrific irony is that the scenes you see in these cheeky tweets are exactly the kind of exonerating evidence that SHOULD have been given to the Chansley’s defense team. The DOJ knew about it and is legally OBLIGATED to provide it to him.

His lawyer expressly said on Tucker last night that he has NEVER seen this footage before FoxNews took it public.

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Have fun. Stay Rowdy.

And most importantly: do not even THINK about sharing this story with others who might be triggered by facts or humor.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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