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Judge Rules Convicted Rapist Will NOT Be Deported To Iran Because He Might Face Persecution… For Being A Rapist

The criticism that the judicial system is soft on criminals appears to be correct once again.

A convicted rapist who has not acknowledged the impact of his crime on his victim has successfully appealed a deportation order that he has been fighting since it was issued in 2005.

An Iranian man — identified only as XX — first arrived in the United Kingdom in 1992 as a student. In 2001, XX was convicted of raping his London housemate a year earlier and was jailed for seven years.

Throughout the entire process, XX insisted that he had been working with MI5, the UK’s domestic security service, but there is no evidence of this and MI5 won’t confirm or deny his claim.

Despite no documentary evidence, the man has clung to a claim that he was previously recruited by UK secret services.
The man insisted MI5 headhunted him as he used to mix in social circles with links to the Iranian Embassy in London.
The security services have refused to shed light on the claim one way or another.
Source: Daily Mail

But wait! There’s more!

While the convicted rapist is very concerned about what might possibly happen to him if he was deported back to his homeland, he doesn’t seem to give a damn about what his sexual assault has done to his female victim.

“Immigration papers say the man has never given ‘any indication’ of having insight to the impact of his crime or actions,” The Sun states. The article adds, “He has also never taken part in any rehabilitation courses.”

In a disgusting twist, the judge said that the ruling was made on human rights grounds not just because XX is a convicted rapist, but also because he’s been an outspoken critic of the Iranian regime.

Judge John Keith ruled that XX could stay on human rights grounds amid concern about his conviction risking persecution.
He also said there was evidence XX had been an outspoken critic of the Iranian regime on a website and knowledge of this by the authorities in Tehran meant a “real risk of interrogation and extensive detention”.
Source: The Sun UK

It would appear that the concern for the unrepentant convicted rapist that probably lied throughout his trial and what he might face in his homeland for his own actions trumps protecting women in the UK from similar violent, life-altering sexual assaults.

We should expect no less from the UK. After all, this is the same country that turned a blind eye to “grooming gangs” targeting white girls from blue-collar households for repeated sexual abuse because prosecuting them might be considered “racist.”

Unbelievably shameful.


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