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LMAO: Resurfaced Video Shows Fauci Getting BLASTED By DC Resident As He Goes Door-To-Door Pushing COVID Jabs

As the kids would say, this guy is “Based.”

A 2021 video of Dr. Anthony Fauci going door-to-door with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser in a majority-black neighborhood making the appeal to the residents to get the COVID jabs while a camera crew followed them around has resurfaced and boy is it something else to watch in the Year of Our Lord Twenty-Twenty-Three!

WaPo reporter Julie Weil went with Fauci, Bowser, and the rest of the team. She says that residents of Ward 8 had a variety of opinions on the COVID shots.

“Fauci spent the Juneteenth holiday Saturday knocking on doors with Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) in D.C.’s majority-Black Ward 8 — the poorest segment of the city and the area with the lowest coronavirus vaccination rate — to talk to residents about the virus’s disproportionately heavy impact on Black Americans and to encourage the residents to get vaccinated if they had not already,” wrote Weil in her 2021 article.

While the video from the day shows that some residents were ready to practically prostrate themselves in reverence to COVID Saint Anthony Fauci, Peace Be Upon Him… that wasn’t the case with everyone.

The Daily Wire highlighted a portion of the WaPo article:

Tanya Crawford, who said she has no interest in the vaccine, found Bowser’s presence irritating. “When the mayor and her staff walked past, Crawford left the Juneteenth feast she was cooking in her kitchen to shout at them from her porch,” the Post reported.
“She has no presence,” Crawford shouted as Fauci and the mayor walked by with their entourage. “We never see and hear from her. Now you want to come in the neighborhood, in the hood, and say we gotta get vaccinated?”
Crawford told the Post that she would prefer if Bowser focused more on preventing black people from losing their homes or the city’s rampant gun violence. The skyrocketing homicide rate in Washington, D.C., is already outpacing the 16-year high in 2020, with D.C. Police data reporting a 43% jump in 2021.
Source: Daily Wire

Clay Travis shared the video of a man giving his reasons for refusing to get the COVID shots with his 1.1 million followers noting that the camera crew was there to make Fauci look good but somehow this clip didn’t end up on the cutting room floor.

Those claims that both Fauci and Bowser made didn’t age well, did they?

Meanwhile, Based Porch Bro has pretty much been vindicated less than two years later.

You can understand the man’s hesitancy when they’re trying so hard to incentivize the shots showering residents with gifts and even a special in-person visit from Saint Fauci, P.B.U.H., who left CNN’s Green Room for a few hours to walk with a camera crew to document him mixing with the unwashed masses.

D.C. was pushing the COVID shots with “incentives” like gift cards and a chance to win prizes like pre-loaded public transit cards, $10k in grocery store credits, and even a Jeep.

Bowser announced last week that residents who get their first dose at any of three clinics — Anacostia High School, Ron Brown High School and the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center — will receive $51 gift cards (representing D.C.’s drive to become the 51st state). Saturday’s entrants also were entered in a drawing to win American Airlines tickets. On Saturday, Bowser said the drawing will include many more prizes in the next month, including a Jeep, Metro cards preloaded with fares and $10,000 of grocery store credits.
Bowser predicted that “a few hundred” people will end up getting vaccinated at the three sites. “Your odds of winning are very, very good,” she told some residents as she visited their porches.
Source: Washington Post

The look on Mayor Bowser’s face realizing that her bribery and bullying campaign to get the jabs won’t work on this guy… Priceless.

Never forget that while the “Public Health Experts” decry the low trust in public health, let’s remember that they’re the ones that undermined trust in public health by getting out over their skis making preposterous claims about COVID and the shots and sometimes outright lying to manipulate people into doing their bidding.

Just like the journos who have a chosen narrative and are allergic to reporting the truth then whine about how trust in media is on a downward spiral, public health officials who don’t rely on evidence and instead insisted that you wear a cloth mask but could hook-up with some Tinder match if you used a “glory hole”, give your kids an mRNA shot with no long-term data while teen boys are getting myocarditis from the jabs, and stay away from your church while massive “mostly peaceful” protests are going on, have done this to themselves.

We must never forget what the COVIDictators were doing during the pandemic.

The video is a retweet from Twitter User Brick Suit who received a few hilarious meme reactions to the video along with the many, many kudos to the guy pushing back on the ‘Rona jabs.

It certainly looks like the Archbishop of the Church of Scientism is looking for a new batch of True Believers…

Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’m over that. I stand with Based Porch Bro calling out this campaign of fear.

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Brown, Jon. “Fauci And D.C. Mayor Bowser Heckled As They Go Door-To-Door Pushing Vaccines.” Daily Wire. June 21, 2021.

Weil, Julie Z. “For Ward 8 residents, coronavirus vaccine appeal comes with a touch of celebrity: ‘It’s Fauci!’.” Washington Post. June 19, 2021.

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