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WATCH: New Report Drops On Garland’s Weaponization of Counter-Terrorism Against Parents

When Jim Jordan went onto Jesse Watter’s show last night, he took a swipe at the absolutely disgraceful weaponization of the justice system against Trump, but he put that in the broader context of how the Biden administration has been doing that to the rest of us, too.

In the last 90 seconds of Jordan’s appearance, he is given a chance to talk about the report the House has just dropped about the DoJ’s misuse of governmental power against concerned parents during the Virginia Governor’s race.

Here is Jim pivoting from the story about the AG pushing hard to get a mugshot of Trump in time for the next election to what they are doing to the rest of us…

As for the damning report he’s talking about?
We have that too.

Here is the full document in PDF form.

Screenshots of the full ‘executive summary’ (minus the footnotes and title page) will follow, below.

We invite readers to take note of the following as they read:

  • Biden admin declined to cooperate with oversight
  • whistleblowers show collusion between Biden Admin and National School Board Association for use of counter-terror tools.
  • used counter-terror for political purposes
  • no legit justification for Garland’s directive re: school boards
  • no imminent threats
  • threats vs. school should involve local authorities
  • 25 terror assessments opened – six opened as counter-terror because
    • woman belonged to a right-wing mom group and owned a gun
    • dad ‘rails against the government’
    • NONE of these investigations have led to federal charges.
  • DoJ was actively interposing itself in the Virginia Gov. race


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