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OK, GROOMER: Teacher Gives ‘Sexual Fantasy’ Writing Assignment… Parents LIVID

With new stories about public school teachers arrested for sexual misconduct with students popping up everywhere these days, you’d expect teachers to run from anything that looked even remotely sexually inappropriate.

In a sane world, that might be exactly what happens. But this is today’s clown world. Here, teachers double down as if hyper-sexualizing teens was, in fact, the highest of all virtues.

Fifty-nine-year-old football coach and teacher listed as teaching ‘P.E. and Health’ gave a writing assignment that should really concern parents about how blurred the lines of decency are becoming in public school.

Is there any conceivable situation in which an adult with authority over a group of minors should invite them to write up steamy scenes of sexual fantasies so long as they ‘stop short’ of bumping uglies?

Students were given an assignment of writing a sexual fantasy ‘short of’ having sex.

Teacher Kirk Miller wrote that students’ short essays should not involve “penetration of any kind or oral sex,” but that they should reference at least three items from a list of suggestions, including “romantic music, candles, massage oil, feathers, a feather boa and flavored syrup.”
Another assignment by Miller, who is new to the school this year, was titled “With Whom Would You Do It,” said parent Katherine Rogers, whose 16-year-old daughter attends Churchill but was not in the class. The instructions for that assignment read: “List on the handout the initials of a male or a female that you would do each activity with. You may use the same person for multiple activities.”
[…] Parents said that the activities in question were sexual in nature, spanning kissing to oral sex. Rogers said her understanding was that students in the class felt “mortified, awkward and creeped out,” by the assignments. Some students chose to respond to the fantasy assignment from the point of a view of a character in the cartoon “Kung Fu Panda” to avoid being too personal, she said. — OregonLive

Should parents be alarmed by this sort of content?

Rather than giving a personal opinion, how about we show you a quote from the Psychology Today website in which it describes the five stages of how a sexual predator engages in grooming a potential victim? Here is step 4 of 5, desensitizing the child:

Desensitizing the Child to Sexual Content and Physical Contact. This stage usually happens right before abuse occurs. During this fourth stage, the perpetrator prepares the minor for abuse by desensitizing them to sexual content (such as showing them pornography and nudity) and increasing non-sexual touch. –Psychology Today

If this is what the school environment is looking like today, is it any surprise that we are seeing such a spike in sexualized relationships between students and their teachers?

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