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So, We Let Foreign Communists TOUR Our Secure Facilities — Is That A ‘Threat To Democracy’?

Democrats just about lost their minds over Tucker having access to the J6 security footage which, so far as we know, showed us nothing but public-access areas of the building.

It was a ‘threat to democracy’ and ‘revealed secrets to our enemies’.

Let’s see how much they REALLY care about such ‘secrets’ being revealed to ‘our enemies’ by giving them a REAL story to go ballistic about.

Of nearly two hundred countries around the world, there are only four currently on our State Department’s official ‘State Sponsors Of Terror list’.

Here’s a screenshot from the State Department’s official website:

Would it be a bad thing for DHS to invite a government official from a country on that list to wander through our secure facilities?

As if the Mexican border crisis were not sufficiently compromising national security, the Biden administration invited officials from a communist country that appears on the government’s list of state terrorism sponsors to tour sensitive U.S. maritime security facilities. The bizarre secret jaunt was scheduled last week to grant a delegation from Cuba’s Border Guard and Ministry of Foreign Affairs access to the nation’s Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. as well as port facilities in Wilmington, North Carolina. Cuba appears on the State Department list of terrorist nations along with Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Cuba has a long history of providing advice, safe haven, communications, training, and financial support to guerrilla groups and individual terrorists, according to the State Department. Furthermore, Cuba maintains close and collaborative ties with designated state sponsors of terror such as Iran and North Korea and the communist island harbors multiple fugitives who committed or supported acts of terrorism in the United States.
[…]Apparently, the excursion was part of the International Port Security Program, which seeks to reduce risk to U.S. maritime interests, including American ports and ships, and facilitate secure maritime trade globally in partnership with global maritime trading partners. “Through international port visits, the discussion and sharing of port security best practices and the development of mutual interests in securing ships coming to the United States enhance both U.S. port security and the security of the global maritime transportation system,” according to the U.S. Coast Guard’s description of the program.

However, none of that should apply to Cuba, which also harbors dozens of fugitives and terrorists from American justice. Among them is Joanne Chesimard, who appears on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list and is also known by her Black Panther name of Assata Shakur. […]Chesimard is among the targets of bipartisan legislation introduced last year to force Cuba’s communist government to extradite more than 70 fugitives receiving safe haven on the island. “It is unacceptable that the Cuban regime continues to harbor criminals responsible for committing heinous acts in the United States, including terrorist bombings, murdering American police officers, hijacking planes, and trafficking arms,” said Democrat Bob Menedez, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, when the bill was introduced.


Sen. Rubio pressured Biden to cancel the tour which was cut short, but only after the Cuban delegation had toured port facilities in North Carolina.

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