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Video Of Russian Military Leader Dancing Nude Leaks After Spy Plane Was Damaged Under His Watch

The “cheeky” dancing video surfaced after anti-government Belarusian activists claimed to have carried out a successful drone attack on a high-tech Russian surveillance aircraft near Minsk.

Belarus has allowed its neighbor Russia the use of its territory and airfields to stage attacks on Ukraine, but not without local resistance to the move.

Bypol, the guerrilla group claiming responsibility for the drone attack, is made of a number of “Belarusian security officials who resigned in protest against the brutal crushing of anti-regime protests in 2020” according to The Telegraph UK.

On Tuesday, Alex Salvi from Newsmax reported that the leader of Bypol claimed on Telegram that they had targeted a sophisticated Russian spy plane in an airfield just outside of Minsk in a drone strike.

Salvi reports that although the high-tech A-50 plane had been present on the airfield, there was no verifiable evidence that it was destroyed and both Russia and Belarus had denied the claim.

Salvi later reported that there is a bizarre twist that may confirm that the activists in Belarus were successful — a leaked video shaming Lieutenant General Aleksandr Matovnikov who is Deputy Chief of Russia’s land forces and currently in charge of the operations based in Belarus.

The Telegraph UK confirms Salvi’s report.

A video appearing to show a Russian military leader performing a striptease has been leaked online after one of Moscow’s spy planes worth £274m was severely damaged under his watch.
Lieutenant General Aleksandr Matovnikov, 57, can be seen dancing naked to music in a 44-second-long clip shared on the Telegram messaging app.
A message published alongside the video accuses him of being “an avid connoisseur of restaurants and ladies in Minsk”.
It adds that he “likes to shift the responsibility for making decisions to his subordinate officers. The general is more involved in creating similar video content for his girlfriends”.

Is the video real?

Who can possibly tell in this era of deep fakes?

But it is consistent with the way that Moscow operates.

The tactic of shaming opponents by leaking compromising content is a traditional method used in Russia.
“The leak of the video is very likely intended to further embarrass Matovnikov for the operational failures that reportedly enabled Belarusian partisans to attack Machulichi air base near Minsk yesterday and damage an A-50 surveillance aircraft,” said Chris O, a military historian.
Source: The Telegraph UK

“The plane had been used to locate potential targets for Russia’s fleet of MiG fighter jets stationed in Belarus on at least six occasions,” reports The Telegraph. “The attack reportedly damaged the plane’s front and central parts, as well as its radar antenna.”

For the morbidly curious, here is the video of Lieutenant General Matovnikov. (And yes, the song has been added. Another video on Twitter has a different song playing in the background, but this one was moderately funny.)

Welp… whatever makes Russia look like the asshats that they are is good, I guess.

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