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WATCH: Cryin’ Kinzinger Defends ‘Transparent’ Jan. 6 Committee, Says Tucker Carlson Is ‘Pushing A Narrative’

The former Congressman appeared on CNN’s morning show to defend the work of the partisan J6 Committee after Tucker Carlson released new footage from January 6.

You can watch the first installment of the exclusive video that aired on Tucker Carlson Tonight here:

ICYMI: Tucker Carlson Releases Exclusive Jan. 6 Footage (VIDEO)

CNN This Morning with hosts Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlin Collins covered the newly-released footage from January 6 by decrying it as a skewed narrative.

They’re soooo close to understanding why conservatives look for right-wing news sources.

CNN then brought on their new political analyst, former J6 Committee member and one of only two “Republicans” on the committee, Adam Kinzinger, to discuss the Tucker Carlson report.

The former Congressman claimed that Carlson was selective in the clips that were shown and that he “creates a strawman” to shape the narrative.

He then goes on to attempt to “debunk” some of what Carlson aired.

At the beginning of his show, Carlson admitted that large crowds of people entered the Capitol and that some were indeed violent and caused damage, but that many were respectful — even reverent — as they walked through taking photos. Carlson did not claim that only a handful of people entered the Capitol on January 6.

Kinzinger says that Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was running because “there was violence” on January 6th and dismisses that everyone else was running ahead of him. The portion of the video with other Members of Congress running down the hallway ahead of Sen. Hawley was edited out before it was aired by the J6 Committee in their PrimeTime Evening Spectacular so that the audience could laugh in mockery of Senator Hawley’s alleged cowardice.

When Kinzinger says that “no one” claims that Officer Brian Sicknick died on January 6, that’s false.

Democrats have claimed that and continue to say it.

It isn’t just some no-name Congressman, either. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) implied it yet again this morning.

The Prevaricator In Chief himself has repeated this lie.

Kinzinger goes on to dismiss the questions surrounding Ray Epps’s apparently giving a false statement to law enforcement, and the blatant narrative-shaping by the January 6 Committee.

But then, this Kinzinger is all-in on the Dems’ J6 narrative and he can be a bit touchy…

How is it “pushing a narrative” when Tucker Carlson shows clips but NOT pushing a narrative when the J6 Committee deceptively edits video, adds riot noises to clips with no audio, and defends an instigator who appears to have lied to law enforcement?

Because that seems to be exactly what happened.

The J6 Committee lied about Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) by showing a deceptively-edited clip of him running out of the Capitol.

Ray Epps, the now-famous-yet-never-charged figure from January 6 who was caught on film encouraging people to go into the Capitol as early as the night before, appears to have lied to investigators. According to Tucker Carlson’s team, the bookmarks in the surveillance video show that the J6 Committee likely knew that… but they continue to defend Ray Epps from any possible assaults on his character.

Miranda Devine wrote on Sunday that the clips shown by the “transparent” J6 Committee were manipulated to paint a particular narrative — that MAGA Republicans are a “threat to democracy.”

The characterization of conservative Republicans as an “ultra-MAGA semi-fascist” menace to democracy was pushed by the partisan J6 committee and was the Democrats’ main sales pitch at the midterms last year.
Dems don’t have much else to run on in 2024, so Carlson’s fact-finding mission is an existential threat to their electoral prospects.
That’s why they are hyperbolically accusing McCarthy (R-Calif.) of endangering the security of the House and handing the tools for “the next insurrection” to Carlson, who, it won’t surprise you to learn, they fantasize is a Russian sleeper agent.
But when you see what Carlson’s team has put together over the past two weeks of combing through thousands of hours of video, you will be struck by how different the reality was inside the building that day compared to the J6 committee’s deceptively edited primetime dramas, produced by a former ABC News president for maximum emotional impact.
For instance, Carlson’s team says the J6 committee added audio to silent CCTV footage, inserting screams and other crowd mayhem sounds, to make it seem more ominous. The bookmarks on the video trove show the J6 committee had access to the same footage yet chose to show America only what suited its divisive narrative.
Source: New York Post (Emphasis Added)

Is that the sort of thing that Kinzinger is defending?

The only thing “transparent” about the January 6 Committee is that it was clearly intended as a partisan hit job to shape the narrative.

Yes, Cryin’ Kinzinger, we can see right through you.

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Devine, Miranda. “Why Democrats are dreading a full Jan. 6 reveal.” New York Post. March 5, 2023.

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